August 29, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Fabulous Goth Webzines

The "Dark Zines" page was intended to only list magazines which actually offered a substantial portion of their content online. They needed to offer lots of stuff to read for free, online and easily, without having to subscribe or send an email address. This part wasn't very clear to many paper zine publishers, who sent me countless emails trying to get the magazines they charged money for linked. So I sort of dreaded opening my email box on some days.

1. The AntiCraft

Sinister crafters present us with a delightful blog and zine. Currently demonstrating how to make black-and-white with red paper flowers that look like they're decaying; a paper shuriken; and a paper raven-shaped writing table.

2. BlueBlood.Net

Highly recommended! The paper magazine is legendary, and its amazing companion website is worth visiting every day for Amelia's well-written, fascinating blog posts. Besides the excellent articles, there are photos on punk and goth fashion, music, and literature. There's also a community, videos, and galleries.

3. Chaos Control Digizine

A music zine that's been around since the 1990s. Currently featuring interviews with Rasputina, Front Line Assembly, and Amanda Palmer. Not updated very often (June 14 is the last post) but worth the wait every time.

4. Cherry Bleeds A well done literary zine featuring art and words by suicidal writers. "Published with blood since 2000." Essays, poetry and stories. Sadly, the April 2010 issue is their last, they are closing shop.

5. Cinefantastique

The cult magazine's website, with news and articles on sci-fi, fantasy, horror and bizarre films. Mostly sci-fi, but you'll likely see a lot of interest to you here.

6. Coilhouse

"COILHOUSE is a love letter to alternative culture, written in an era when alternative culture no longer exists." Everywhere I look, people are raving about this magazine/blog. The buzz surrounding it is incredible. I tried to buy the gorgeously designed, glossy paper magazine at Borders, but the paper smelled really bad on all the copies. Plasticky. I'll try again next issue. They cover art, fashion, technology, music, and film. So many beautiful things to see here.

Coilhouse Group on Facebook

7. Creep Machine

A webzine covering alternative, underground, outsider, lowbrow or pop surrealism art. Much of the art here is quite dark. Interviews, articles, featured artists, and a gallery.

8. Fangoria

The website for the legendary, extremely awesome horror magazine. News, reviews, articles, blogs, a community, and exclusive interviews.

9. Fears Magazine

Science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Movie reviews, book, game and music reviews; art and comics; a pod cast; contests; a monthly scary radio show; and an artwork gallery.

10. Flames Rising

A horror webzine for fans of horror and dark fantasy entertainment. Interviews, reviews, articles, blog entries and fiction. There is a lot of high quality stuff here.

11. Morbid Outlook

This excellent goth magazine is currently on hiatus. I do hope it comes back - this probably is my favorite gothic zine! Meanwhile, there is still an archive of articles on music, fashion, lifestyle, fiction and nonfiction.

12. Moving Hands

A very cool zine covering ebm, industrial, goth, alternative, folk, and industrial music. News, over 1100 music reviews, a music release calendar, and photo gallery.

13. ReGen Magazine

A webzine with news and articles on industrial, synthpop, electronic, and alternative music. Lots going on here, many updates, and knowledgeable writers.

--Carrie Carolin

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