October 13, 2014

Jazz Age Halloween Songs

(Picture via Retrospace)

I've been really enjoying listening to this Jazz Age Halloween playlist on the venerable Internet Archive. It's a refreshing break from YouTube's ads.

While the music isn't goth and isn't necessarily spooky, the themes still encompass ghosts, haunted houses, spooks, the Boogie Man, zombies, and the Headless Horseman. This may not end up playing through my speakers on Halloween Night, but it will probably be featured in the background of a couple upcoming dinner parties I'm hosting.

Visit https://archive.org/details/JazzAgeHalloween to check out the songs.

Here's the playlist:

  • 1. The Haunted House - Ray Noble & His Orchestra
  • 2. Shivery Stomp - Frankie Trumbauer & His Orchestra
  • 3. Mysterious Mose - The Radio All Star Novelty Orchestra - Dick Robertson
  • 4. The Boogie Man Is Here - Tom Geron & His Orchestra
  • 5. Haunting Blues - Red Nichols & His Five Pennies
  • 6. Bug-A-Boo - Red Nichols & His Five Pennies
  • 7. Got The Jitters - Don Redman & His Orchestra
  • 8. The Boogie Man - Todd Rollins & His Orchestra - Chick Bullock
  • 9. The House Is Haunted (By The Echo Of Your Last Goodbye) - Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra - Kenny Sargent
  • 10. Zombie - Gene Kardos & His Orchestra
  • 11. Mr. Ghost Goes To Town - Louis Prima & His New Orleans Gang
  • 12. Skeleton In The Closet - Nat Gonella & His Georgians
  • 13. The Goblin Band - Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra
  • 14. Hell's Bells - The New Yorkers (Sid Peltyn & His Orchestra) - Dick Robertson
  • 15. With Her Head Tucked Under Her Arm - Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees - Cyril Smith
  • 16. The Black Cat - Ozzie Nelson & His Orchestra
  • 17. Strange Enchantment - Skinnay Ennis & His Orchestra
  • 18. The Ghost Of Smokey Joe - Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
  • 19. Ol' Man Mose Ain't Dead - Nat King Cole Trio
  • 20. Swingin' At The Seance - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - Dorothy Claire
  • 21. Horror Fantasia For Spooks And Wild Indians - Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra
  • 22. Fanfare/Cherokee (Theme) - Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra - Peggy Lee
  • 23. Old Man Mose Is Dead - Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra
  • 24. Pompton Turnpike - Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra
  • 25. Haunted Heart - Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra - Johnny Amoroso
  • 26. The Headless Horseman - Kay Starr & Billy Butterfield Quintet
  • 27. Dry Bones (Head Bone Connected To The Neck Bone) - Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra

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September 27, 2014

Top 5 Circus-Themed Halloween Haunts

Carnival of the Dead

Detroit area haunt with wooded trail and carnival haunt. Part of Scarefest Scream Park.


Scarefest Scream Park on Facebook

Circus of Fear

Arvada, Colorado (near Denver). 5000 square feet, 20 live actors, fire performers,


Circus of Fear 3D on Facebook

Circus of Fear 3D on Twitter

Circus of Horrors

Located in Las Vegas. Besides the Circus of Horrors, the venue includes "The Trilogy of Terror" - The Gates of Hell and The Vampire's Castle haunted attractions.


Circus of Horrors on Facebook

The Queen Mary

The acclaimed Dark Harbor event includes a twisted circus Ringmaster as the host. While the Dark Harbor theme in general has nothing to do with circuses or carnivals, there's a lot going on here and it's a highly recommended event if you can manage to attend. There's a freak show, six mazes, two rides, and a Monster Midway attraction.


Queen Mary Dark Harbor on Facebook

Strangling Bros. Haunted Circus

This haunted circus has four locations: Salt Lake City Utah, Dallas TX, Houston TX (opening in 2015) and Chicago (opening in 2015). The attractions feature mazes, live bands, mad magicians,


Strangling Bros. Haunted Circus Chicago

Strangling Bros. Haunted Circus Texas on Facebook

Strangling Bros. Haunted Circus Utah on Facebook

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September 7, 2014

New Dark Links for a Sunday Bloody Sunday


I Die: You Die

Alex and Bruce blog about EBM, electronic and dark music, via this podcast that takes its name from a Gary Numan song.


The 6Forty Project

"A home for interesting music." You can listen to 640 minutes of music in each post. The blog includes posts on recent releases and new discoveries. A great way to discover new bands or revisit songs you haven't heard in a long time by various dark musicians.


The 6Forty Project on Facebook


The Dungeons

This dark entertainment business has locations in multiple cities, including San Francisco, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, York, and so on. The attractions offer live performances, dark rides, mazes, and special effects. Each venue offers a different experience. These sound SO fun to check out! I simply must go to San Francisco again soon and put a visit to The Dungeons on my itinerary.


The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon on Facebook

Gothic Wine

This winery in the Willamette Valley in Oregon sells wines called "Nevermore," "Telltale Rose," "Ophelia" Chardonnay, and "Gothic Hyland Pinot Noir."


Gothic Wine on Facebook

The Grimstones

Asphyxia's gothic fairy tale books and an app, too. Written in Australia, the tales feature a girl named Martha Grimstone who reads dreams. Read more about the intriguing lady behind all this, Asphyxia.


The Grimstones on Facebook

Slaughtered Lamb Pub

This theme bar is in New York City. It advertises itself as "An ancient pub operated by a family of werewolves." It's open 365 days a year. Imagine going here on Christmas Eve? Hrm.


The Slaughtered Lamb Pub on Facebook

Sugar Skull Rum

I haven't tasted Sugar Skull Rum yet. I'm wondering if they're mostly relying on their amazing packaging to sell the product. I'm assuming each rum has a slightly different flavor - the website and Facebook page aren't offering an explanation of any flavor profiles yet.


Sugar Skull Rum on Facebook


Natural Velvet

A post-punk band from Baltimore. Their music isn't goth or dark, but I do like it. The singer sort of reminds me of Courtney Love but with better enunciation and a better voice. My favorite song by them so far is "Cathedral Street."

Natural Velvet, on Bandcamp

Natural Velvet, on Facebook

Natural Velvet, on Soundcloud

Partly Faithful

This post-punk band from London describes their music as "dark-vogue" and "trash-vogue." Their influences include Bauhaus, Nick Cave, The March Violets, and Einst├╝rzende Neubauten. Check out their official video "Needles." Do I hear a John Lydon influence in the vocals?

Partly Faithful on Facebook

Partly Faithful on YouTube


This band from Calgary in Canada describes their music as "industrial speakeasy." They feature a female vocalist. My favorite song from their Soundcloud list so far is "Vitriol."

Photophore on Facebook

Photophore on Soundcloud

Photophore on Twitter

Rule of Thirds

A goth band from Adelaide, Australia. Their influences include Christian Death, Xmal Deutschland, Siouxsie And The Banshees, The Cure and The Wake. You can check out their song Mother/Master on YouTube. Another female vocalist! yay.

Rule of Thirds at Bandcamp

Rule of Thirds on Facebook

Splintered In Her Head

This band is a Cure cover band from Wellington, New Zealand. Here's a video of them performing "M" live back in April 2014.

Splintered In Her Head on Facebook

Whores of Whitechapel

A Victorian-inspired gothic rock band from Wellington, New Zealand. I love that there's so much cool dark stuff going on all the way on the other side of the world!


Whores of Whitechapel on Facebook



A Spanish blog about goth and dark music in Mexico. Currently posting about the upcoming Peter Hook & The Light concert in November. There are also album reviews and peeks at the author's collection of favorite CDs.


Espasmos Cadavericos

A Portuguese blog about coldwave, deathrock, gothic and post-punk music. With some naughty album download offerings.



Cast Shadows Studio

This Connecticut based artist, Richard Chalifour, sells architectural and garden sculptures - mostly gorgeous gargoyles. There are some amazing light switch plates, as well.

My favorite piece here is this Protector gargoyle.


Cast Shadows Studio on Facebook


Natalie Ewert's Fullerton, California based shop where she sells tombstone and Oz themed jewelry and accessories. There are a few one-offs, like a pair of calaveras earrings, a little brown bat brooch, and a quirky Day of the Dead Holiday in a Bottle necklace.

My favorite piece here is this Bela Lugosi gravestone brooch.


Elegant Curiosities

Beautiful jewelry and headwear from Laila Tas in the Netherlands. She also offers a few boleros.

What do you think of her Threnody Choker with Mink Skull?


Elegant Curiosities, on Facebook

Jack of London

This shop sells retro fashions and vintage style clothing. Brands they carry include Hell Bunny, H&R London, Spin Doctor, and Voodoo Vixen.

My favorite dress here is this red and black flocked one.


Jack of London on Facebook

Jack of London on Twitter

Spiderwood Hollow

These decorative handmade spiders aren't just for Halloween! They're made by an artist in Vancouver, Washington. Besides the decorative spiders and copper wire webs, there are also a few nice pieces of spider jewelry too.


SpiderwoodHollow on Facebook

Stephanie Buscema Art

Oh, I'm going to have so much trouble picking just one favorite art print from here to showcase! The artist lives in New York, and offers some stickers, tote bags and buttons along with her darling prints. The prints feature witches, vampires, monsters, witchy and gothy women, cute little skulls, and vixens. The style is kinda modern, kinda retro, kinda kitschy, and very awesome!

It was painful, but I came up with a favorite: Spell Castin' Sybil. Man, I need a stationery set made from this image!


Stephanie Buscema on Facebook


Custom corsetry design from Australia. The designs here are stunningly beautiful. I'm wondering if the website is a bit outdated - the three Collections you can view are Dangerous Liaisons, Circa Nocturna 2009 and Circa Nocturna 2009. But their blog and Facebook are updated, so I suppose everything's ok. They sell gorgeous corsets, a gown, clothing, shoes, and even stockings. There's also a section for beautiful gothic jewelry and accessories. Check out the Portfolio section of the site to see the lovely designs you could have custom made to fit you.


Vanyanis on Facebook

Vengeance Designs

Kayla's high end latex, fetish and cosplay shop in New York City. There are dresses, bodysuits, catsuits, lingerie and swimwear, tops, bottoms and accessories. There's also a higher end line called Dead Souls Collection with some really amazing designs.

The Black Swan bodysuit is my favorite thing here.



Vengance Designs on Facebook


Dark Calgary

Goth and alternative resources and events calendar for Calgary Canada. There seems to be a good amount of cool things going on.


Dark Calgary on Facebook

Dark Calgary on Tumblr

Dark Calgary on Twitter

Goth Mexico

This Facebook networking group for goths in Mexico has 14,000 members. It seems well moderated, and was just updated today. I love up-to-date resources!

Goth Mexico Group on Facebook

San Diego Gothic and Industrial Scene

The Facebook group for San Diego goth/industrial resources and events. San Diego was my hometown growing up, but I was a punk at the time and didn't get into the goth lifestyle til I moved to Seattle. I've always found San Diego a really well organized town for various scenes, so I'm surprised there are only 500 members in this group. Still, it's very useful!

SD Gothic and Industrial Scene on Facebook

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