September 30, 2019

Celebrating the Fortieth Anniversary of Ridley Scott's Alien

Boy was my father in big trouble with my mom for taking me to see Alien when I was ten years old. I loved it and didn't have nightmares (my older sister, 17 when we saw it, did!) but my mom was still super mad. Perhaps we can blame my dad for my horror movie enthusiasm! Blame or thank?

Anyway, I'm fifty now and Alien is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this autumn.

Fathom Events is celebrating the film's 40th anniversary by presenting Alien on the big screen in various US cities on October 13, October 15 and October 16. I'm definitely going to hit up a Seattle area showing.

Check out the original trailer for Alien:

Also, a new documentary about the making of Alien is coming out on October 4. You can learn more about this documentary at The Sundance Institute.

Let's check out the trailer:

I'm going to grab a copy of the 40th Anniversary Edition of Alien (via Amazon; affiliate link) Blu-Ray with 4K Ultra HD. Pretty sure my boyfriend, who is a wimp about horror movies, will have to go somewhere else (out for a beer, perhaps) when I watch it and crank up my surround sound system!

Are you going to go see the documentary and/or Alien on the big screen? Let me know in the comments below!


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