December 29, 2014

Dark and Dreary Goth/Industrial and Steampunk Songs for a Macabre Christmas Holiday Season

Earlier this month, a bunch of students at Dark Side University had a gothic holiday song listening party online, courtesy of YouTube's vast archive. We all threw out favorite songs for each other to check out, and I wanted to share some of the URLs with you here. This isn't a comprehensive look at gothic Christmas music availability, it's just a peek into what we were enjoying listening to together during this dark bleak holiday winter season.

Not goth, but give a listen to This Vale of Tears, by Frozen Zone

How about Abney Park's Little Drummer Boy? They have a ton of other Christmas songs too.

Ok, who has seen this video of Siouxsie singing the French traditional Christmas Carol "Le Divine Enfant"?

Annie Lennox also did a version of Le Divine Enfant.

Here's The Cruxshadows doing "Happy Xmas (War is Over)".

Here's the "Gothic Christmas" song by symphonic rock band Within Temptation. It makes me giggle. I like it.

I'm checking out Erasure's cover of the 1582 sacred Christmas carol "Gaudete" which means "At this Time of Grace."

This is supposed to be The Cure doing "Merry Christmas Everyone" but I can barely understand the vocals.. I'm skeptical?

Razor Skyline wrote in and asked if I would play their excellent song "The Longest Night of the Year."

"Welcome Christmas," by Love Spirals Downwards, is on the legendary Dark Noel Vol 1 album, which Amazon just informed me I purchased back on December 12, 2000. Now I feel old, and like it's time to sort out my CD bookcase because I haven't held this CD in my hands in years.

The Dark Noel volume 2 album is also very good.

Here are Mediaeval Baebes performing "Gaudete" at RenFair in Maryland in 2013.. their outfits are gorgeous!

Unto Ashes has a nice winter album. You can listen to Winter Born on YouTube.

Have you yet heard Bjork sing the Icelandic Christmas Cat song "Björk - Jólakötturinn - Hvít Er Borg Og Bær - Icelandic Christmas Cat - (1987)."

We all decided that the Sisters of Mercy's "Driven Like the Snow" belongs on every goth winter music playlist.

London After Midnight has a Christmas song.

My very favorite gothy Christmas song by ethereal non-goths: "Frosty the Snowman" by the Cocteau Twins.

L'ame Immortelle sings "Tiefster Winter".

Oh here's another great song - Medieval Baebes performing "The Angel Gabriel."

You can listen to the Black Snow Christmas compilation #1 and
Black Snow #2.

You most likely already know about Nox Arcana's many wonderful wintertime holiday albums: Winter's Eve, Winter's Knight, and Winter's Majesty.

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