October 22, 2014

New Dark Links for a Rainy Day in Autumn

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Kirlian Camera - In The Endless rain


Dark Corner Books

A multiple-author blog covering horror and the fantastic in books and movies. Currently blogging about the upcoming Poe-based Stonehearst Asylum film; Edgar Allan Poe themed Halloween parties; and about Ridiculous Horror Movie Villains.


Mr. Frights

"Mr. Frights is a promoter, producer, and fan of all things horror & halloween. Halloween 365 a year!" He's currently blogging about 30 Family Friendly Halloweeny Movies; the 2014 Skittles Halloween commercial; and new Halloween books for kids.



Bram Stoker Festival

This festival will take place this upcoming weekend, October 25-26, in Dublin, Ireland. Oh what I wouldn't give to be able to go!


The Bram Stoker Festival on Facebook

London Month of the Dead

This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in 21 years of running Dark Side of the Net. London Month of the Dead is an ambitious assortment of macabre events hosted all throughout October until All Soul's Day. There are cemetery tours, talks and lectures, taxidermy workshops, a seance in a chapel, a death cafe, and themed cocktails. This is so cool! I may make it my mission in life to save up and attend next year, if they continue the tradition. I'm so excited about this! I wish I had time to make an entire blog post about it. Highly recommended!



Misfit Wedding

Here's a handy directory of UK/British resources and vendors to help plan your alternative wedding. Themes include steampunk, rockabilly, goth, vintage, fantasy, and geek weddings. Resources include vendors for dark cakes, cars and vehicles, clothing and shoes, decorations, flowers, food and drink, hair and makeup, jewelry, etc. I'm not getting married any time soon (or ever again maybe!) but I'm having fun browsing the resources. They've actually taken the time to create a sub page about every business, with a review and recommendation, plus a link to the business's webpage and related social networking presences. A ton of work went into this very professional website!


Misfit Wedding on Facebook


Aryer Studio

This Decatur, Georgia shop sells intriguing Halloween and dark Christmas ornaments. There are also some prints and gothy blank notecard sets.


Sweet Midnight

"The darker side of cute." This online goth shop is located in Bisbee, Arizona. They sell gothic jewelry, horror themed giclee prints, a Bela Lugosi grave rubbing, and some coffin purses. They also have an Etsy presence.


Sweet Midnight on Etsy

Sweet Midnight on Facebook

Valkyrie Corsets

This Etsy shop is based in Brighton in England. They specialize in burlesque and bridal corsets. My favorite is this green raw dupioni silk corset.


Valkyrie Corsets on Facebook


Goth Gardening

I'm so glad to see that the enthusiasm for gothic gardening hasn't waned! Recent posts here include Scarecrows and gardens along the James River; Books As Our Guides; and a report on Office Appropriate Spooky outfits. Enjoying reading through the archive of past posts here!


Roses and Vellum

An Australian blog, with posts about steampunk, goth, Halloween, fashion, Victorian and Edwardian topics, and other lovely dark things. Recent posts include a horse dressed up for Halloween, Thoughts on Faeries, Recent Reads and Outfits, and an interview with shopkeeper Ingrid of Chameleon Candour.



Halloween ComicFest

On the Saturday before Halloween, you can walk into participating comics shops and get a free Halloween ComicFest comic! Visit the website and use the store locator to see if any shops near you are taking part in this festive event.


Halloween Comic Fests on Facebook

Haunted House Association

Here's a really good place to search out haunted houses and events in your local area.


Administrivia: I've shut down the Darklinks goth social network, which was suffering from lack of use. Members have been invited to join my year-old project www.darksideuniversity.com instead. Visit the Dark Side University Facebook to see our list of upcoming courses, including Business 101: Promoting Your Goth Business; Mythology 104: Krampus, the Devil of Christmas; and Gothic Literature 104: Victorian Ghost Stories for Christmas.

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