August 8, 2014

A Quick Set of New Dark Links for a Friday Evening


The Gothic Wanderer

Author Tyler R. Tichelaar’s blog on gothic literature. The blog is rarely updated, but when it is, the posts are well thought out, intriguing, and well written. I'm sure to learn something I didn't know about gothic fiction every time I stop by.

Mystery, Madness & Magic in the Footsteps of Dark Shadows

Steven Dark's intricate blog and website with info on Jack the Ripper, memento mori, the Elektrikal Dark Tower podcast, and plenty of other dark nooks and crannies to explore.


Blackveil Gothic

I like to stop by Blackveil Gothic's setlists from time to time (the DJ is DJ De'Ath) because I always find interesting bands to research or songs I hadn't heard yet by goth or darkwave bands. The most recent setlist posted is from July 19.

Blackveil Gothic at Wordpress

The Marching Men

This band is a Sisters of Mercy Tribute band from Leeds in the United Kingdom. Their most recent show was all the way back in February, according to a flyer on their website. I hope they're still active! Check out their "Driven Like the Snow" cover.

The Marching Men on YouTube

Razor Skyline

This goth/industrial band is from San Francisco. They feature female vocals. Check out their "After the Flood" and "Andrea" songs on YouTube.

The Razor Skyline, on Facebook

Requiem Podcast

This industrial club podcast is hosted on Vampire Radio. The podcast was just updated today, with songs by Spiritual Bat, Die Form, Agonoize and other bands. The podcast is presented by DJ Count from Chicago and DJ Sound Palate. The podcast has been going since 2008!

The Requiem Industrial Podcast, on Facebook


The Austin Vampire Ball

"Romanian Nights." How delightful that someone organized this! The Austin, Texas vampire ball will take place October 25, 2014. Imagine all the beautiful goth finery that will be worn on display here!

The Austin Vampire Ball on Facebook

Incubate 2014

This indie music festival will take place in Tilburg in the Netherlands on September 15-21. The bands playing are really diverse. The lineup includes Current 93 (swoon!), and a huge list of bands I'm not familiar with but you might be.


Mask-Fest is a convention for monster art, masks, and Halloween/FX makeup. It's part of HorrorHound Weekend. The convention will take place in Indianapolis the weekend of September 5-7, 2014. Guests include Mads Mikkelsen from the Hannibal TV show, and Jason Patric from the Lost Boys movie!

Mask-Fest on Facebook

Mask-Fest on Twitter

Walker Stalker Convention

There are several upcoming Walker Stalker horror/zombie convention events across the USA: Atlanta on October 17-19, 2014; New York December 13-14; and events in San Francisco, Dallas and Atlanta in early 2015.

Walker Stalker Convention on Facebook


Cute Lou Couture

This shop full of fabulous goth clothes is based in Mannheim, Germany. Check out the newest item, a really cool Bloody Bats bolero.

Renfield's Garden

Walter is a fine art printer working out of Endicott, New York. He uses archival papers and inks to create these framable posters. Be sure to check out the Melancholy Masterworks section of his store.

Renfield's Garden on Etsy


Designer clothing from Los Angeles, currently featuring a dark and skull-themed collection. (They're not at all trying to be goth btw). The website is a bit pretentious and hoity-toity fashiony, but I bet you'll like looking at the intriguing, unusual designs of the clothing pieces here. (Skip the boring Tops section in the Womens area, and go straight to Dresses).

Skingraft on Facebook

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