May 13, 2014

Ten Lovely and Dreary Shops for Darklings

Arte e Seducao

This Brazilian online store won't be very useful to many of you, but I'm including it for the sake of completeness and the two or three Brazilian goths who read Darklinks. (They probably already know about this site!) The shop sells corsets, high heeled fetishy shoes, leggings and dresses. Some lovely things here.

Blackheart Lingerie

<>Don't hate on this lingerie line just because it's sold at Hot Topic! Besides lingerie (babydolls, corsets, bustiers, garters, panties, slips and teddies) they sell tops, dresses, denim, bodysuits, skirts, and lots of accessories. Almost everything here is a lovely dark black in color, as one would expect.

Burleska Corsets

This UK shop sells a huge variety of corsets: underbust, burlesque, embroidery, vintage, bridal, steampunk, punk rock and plus-sized. They also carry corset tops, corset dresses, and clothing (coats, jackets, skirts, leggings and boleros). My favorite thing here is the Ophelie Corset Dress.

Burleska Corsets on Facebook

The Cultlabel

This dark clothing shop is based in Singapore. They ship worldwide. They sell men's and women's clothing, plus jewelry, shoes, and bags. My favorite thing here is this Baroque tea dress.

The Cultlabel on Facebook

The Cultlabel on Instagram

The Cultlabel on Twitter

La Grotesquerie

This Indiana-based seller and artist offers creepy horror dolls and curiosities. Check out the Gargoyle baby trio and... what the heck? vegan taxidermy?

Miss Kitty's Monsters

Beautiful horror-themed jewelry. There are pieces here based on Dracula, Wicker Man, dragons, bats, monsters, crucifixes, bats and spiders. There's even a zombie attack charm theme bracelet.

Miss Kitty's Monsters on Facebook

Obsidian Gothic Clothing

The legendary UK-based custom clothing shop. They create men's and women's clothing: dresses and gowns, jackets and waistcoats, and bridal wear. There's also a section of children's clothing. My favorite item here is the Vivienne ballgown.

Obsidian Gothic Clothing on Facebook

Ruby Tuesday's Gothic Corset Coats

This UK-based store sells corset coats, tutu skirts, bustles, Victorian outfits, and coats.

Ruby Tuesday's Gothic Corset Coats on Facebook

Sugar and Spite Bathery

This California-based shop sells dark-themed perfume oils. There's an absinthe or two, a Sleepy Hollow trio, Miss Fortune, and something called Black Jack.

Sugar and Spite Bathery, on Facebook

Tragic Beautiful

This indie alternative store is based in Australia. Besides women's clothing, they sell shoes, accessories and jewelry (including umbrellas), hair dye and cosmetics, and home decor items. This store is really fun to browse through! My favorite item here is this damask dress.

Tragic Beautiful on Facebook

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