February 17, 2014

Five Interesting Dark and Gothy Blogs


Goth Gourmande

Amaya Booker's gourmet cooking blog. She's an Aussie transplant living in San Francisco, blogging about geeky things. Recent posts include reviews of restaurants she ate at during her recent trip to Las Vegas, recommendations of some cooking shows she's currently enjoying, and her recipe for low carb peanut butter cups. This isn't a very gothy blog, but the author is cool and has good taste and varied interests, so I think if you enjoy gourmet food you'll want to bookmark this.



A Grave Interest

This blog is about cemetery culture, graveyards, cemetery architecture, mourning, and genealogy. Joy writes well and shares beautiful photographs. This is her fourth year blogging about cemeteries here.



Miss Alice lives in Portugal. She blogs about goth and industrial music, her green hair, her obsession with skulls and horns, horror films, and alternative fashion.


Matilda Marble Eye

A Finnish goth blogger. She's currently posting about what goths can wear in cold weather; sharing photos of some bat cookies she baked; and sharing her mania for elegant underwear.


She Walks Softly

Dana's blog. She's interested in arts, literature, technology, science and the media. She blogs about art, anatomy, sculptures, ephemera, and other intriguing topics. She shares cool finds, such as If Alien and Predator Were Little Golden Books. I'll be back often to see what she's currently geeking out about!


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