October 2, 2013

Incredibly Cool and Useful Halloween Blog - The Year of Halloween

The Year of Halloween

The Year of Halloween may be my favorite Halloween-related blog of all time. (And I've been curating Dark Side of the Net for 20 years!).

Eva Halloween does a fantastic job of writing this blog, posting interesting things nearly every day. (I know from experience it's VERY difficult to find the time and have enough passion to post even a handful of times a week, much less every day).

She posts about Halloween crafts, spooky food and DIY projects, including this cool DIY apothecary table and zombie head hors d'oeuvres.

In the "Art & Inspiration" section, she blogs about TV and film; history; oddities; music; and horror conventions.

Besides her daily Halloween posts, Eva offers Halloween and horror costume and makeup tutorials; the ; Friday Night Features horror shorts; movie stills on Silent Sundays; and a series of posts on 31 Scary Things.

If you're a longtime visitor to Dark Side of the Net, you know I rarely if ever feature just one link or resource by itself in a blog post. That should go to show how very awesome I think this Halloween blog is!

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  1. *blushes*

    This is beyond kind, darling. I'm so thrilled you enjoy the site. Happy early Halloween! :-)