July 27, 2013

5 Great Goth Shops I'm Excited to Explore With You

Anatomy Boutique

"Unique products with an anatomical twist." The designer ( Emily Evans) has created absolutely gorgeous Day of the Dead skull wallpaper, an anatomical heart necklace, a sugar skull screen print, and some pastel "histology" dinner plates based on closeups of a testicle, a thyroid, an esophagus, and a liver.

The wallpaper is especially stunning, and it's making the rounds on Pinterest quite vigorously this weekend.


Anatomy Boutique on Facebook

Dare to Wear

Dare to Wear isn't specifically a goth shop, but there are a lot of lovely darker things here. This shop specializes in plus-sized fashions. They make mostly tops and dresses. Currently they offer only eight styles of dresses.

My favorite piece here is the Anastasia corset top in black and scarlet.


Dare Fashion on Facebook


This UK-based shop sells some really stunningly beautiful dresses, goth wedding gowns, corsets, punk clothing, medieval clothing, Lolita and Victorian gowns. There's also a bit of men's goth and punk clothing.

It's really hard to pick a favorite here. I suppose it's this brown Romantic Gothic steampunk dress. I'd love to wear it to my fall book club dinner party.


DevilNight on Facebook

Madame Corzettes

This Tampa, Florida based shop sells beautiful corsets, sexy costumes, shoes, hats, fascinators, and some jewelry.

My favorite thing here is this attractive vegan corset.


Madame Corzettes on Facebook

Screaming Matriarch

This London-based store sells dark dollies and toys, such as Little Apple Dolls. The shop is a collective of weird artists (weird in a good way) so not everything here is dark or goth at all. It's just great to know that Little Apple Dolls are being produced again!

"Avia" is the newest Little Apple Doll. She's a limited edition. I love her damask dress!


Screaming Matriarch on Facebook

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  1. These are all awesome, thanks for sharing! I'm a huge doll freak, but that little doll with the apple is flippin' precious.

  2. Thanks for the link to Devilnight! I have been looking to include a Victorian-type gown in my wardrobe and some that I have found are VERY expensive.....the prices are quite a bit lower on Devilnight so it is great for me who is just starting out my Victorian wardrobe!