June 27, 2013

New Dark and Gothic Links for June 27, 2013


Edith Lebeau

This artist lives in Quebec, near Montreal. Her paintings exhibited here are acrylic on wood or on canvas. Dark and spooky, no, but her somber women are adorned with intriguing hairdos and intricate hairpieces, knowing smiles or angry eyes. They're often goddesses, mythological figures or villains. I thought you might enjoy a quick look.

My favorite work here is "The Evil Queen."


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Digging Dracula

This week Velvet Midnight left for her eagerly anticipated (and most likely life-changing) trip to Transylvania. She will be digging, as an archaeologist, at Odorheiu Secuiesc near Vlad the Impaler's birthplace. Here on her blog, we'll be able to follow her progress and hear her thoughts as she works on the Medieval Funerary Excavation. I'm fascinated to see what the next weeks and months hold for her!



Clan Luna

Underground dark fantasy and gothic fashions. This clothing store has an unusual backstory/mythology they've created for the line: "Clan Luna is a secret sisterhood, united by the superior virtue of evil sorcery." The shop is based in Montreal, Canada. They espouse the "slow fashion" movement and use ecologically sustainable materials.

The shop itself is quite extensive. They carry Alice in Wonderland goats milk soaps, blood-themed lipsticks, smartphone skins and jewelry. In the clothing area, they carry dresses, skirts, tops, sleepwear, and jumpsuits. Don't miss their One of a Kind section!


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This San Francisco-based shop sells exquisite steampunk style clothing for gents and ladies. Whenever possible, the fabrics are made from salvaged or reclaimed silks, tapestry cloths and leather materials. I'm glad I took a closer look - upon seeing the shop's colorful and cheery logo, I assumed they were a hippie shop and almost moved on. I'm glad I stayed to check out their beautiful Victorian skirts, hats, jackets, and coats.

My favorite thing here is their black tapestry cloth and velvet wedding jacket.


Forlorn Dolls

"Tragic Victorian dolls." Samantha Meyers' art doll creations. There are also some apothecary bottle home decor pieces, too.

My favorite is "Embeth, the widow of Lord Edgar Hampshire Hawthorne."



The Theatre of Terror

This horror comics blog features horror comic covers, comic scans, horror comic news and reviews (as you'd expect), horror art, and links to interesting horror webcomics. There's a lot of resources here, and you can tell the webmaster puts a ton of time into this site.


Under the Morgue

Here's a huge horror discussion forum with tons of subforums and active posts. There are boards for upcoming DVD releases, upcoming theatrical films, polls, classic and modern horror, horror memorabilia, horror games, and a whole subsection for writing related topics. There's a lot going on here, you won't be bored! But this place is desperately in need of a vanity domain name - I would never remember the URL to type it in if I suddenly wanted to visit it and didn't have my bookmarks handy.

Under the Morgue

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