May 19, 2013

New Gothic and Dark Links for May 19, 2013


Anton Semenov

Gloom82's Deviantart gallery, featuring surreal and disturbing illustrations. My favorite is "Lullaby," shown above. The artist lives in Russia.

Anton Semenov on Behance

Anton Semenov Fan Page, on Facebook

Anton Semenov on Livejournal


9th Evolution

An industrial/rock post-punk band from Florida. Their newest song on YouTube is "Rapture."

9th Evolution on Facebook

9th Evolution on YouTube


The members formed this band in England in 1983. They're no longer together, but you might find their biography fascinating.

Salvation on Facebook

Santa Hates You

An industrial electro-punk band from Hamburg, Germany. They describe their music as "the perfect soundtrack for the Mad Hatter's tea party."

Santa Hates You, on Facebook

Santa Hates You, on Twitter

Santa Hates You, on YouTube


BZR Shop

This Seattle-based Etsy shop sells really cool ombre tights/stockings in colors including coal grey, fuchsia, navy and Sunset. I love the idea of adding a little graduating fading color to my legs on days when I'm wearing just a plain black dress.

BZRshop on Etsy


True Bites

A weekly radio show/podcast about True Blood. It airs live tonight on Blog Talk Radio at 5pm.

True Bites, on Blog Talk Radio

True Bites on Facebook

True Bites on Twitter


Elliven Clothing

This futuristic-looking dark, reptilian clothing is designed by "Steel." Not cybergoth and not labeled as goth fashion by the designer, but I think a lot of you here will really enjoy checking these pieces out.

My favorite is the Octant Aura Bolero.

Elliven on Facebook


Batcavers, on Facebook

Goth pictures and occasional news postings. 5700 goth fans and counting.

Goth Fashion, on Facebook

Nearly 50,000 fans liked this page in order to see the many really cool fashion posts it shares every day. "Dress to depress."

GothFashion, on Facebook


Bram Stoker Estate

The official website of Bram Stoker's estate, featuring his biography, videos of tours of his birthplace, news articles, images and texts, and a bibliography. The Facebook page is quite busy, sharing rarities found on eBay and the occasional mentions of the author or his works in the news media.

Bram Stoker Estate, on Facebook


Bloodbaths and Boomsticks

A horror genre podcast. They're currently on their 63rd episode. That's a lot of work! Besides horror movies, they cover obscure films and action flicks.

Bloodbaths and Boomsticks, on Facebook

Evil Episodes

This horror blog specializes in television and web-based horror shows. Currently they're blogging about the World War Z game for IOS and about BBC America's 'In the Flesh.'"

Scares That Care

"Scaring away childhood disease and illness" is the motto of this horror industry non-profit organization. They're affiliated with horror actor Kane Hodder. Check out what they do and how you can help, if you're interested! They're working on planning a Scares That Care weekend for July 2014.

Scares That Care on Facebook

Scares That Care on Twitter

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