April 20, 2013

New Dark and Gothic Links for April 20, 2013


Carine-M and Elian Black'mor are artists and partners living in France. They work together on their dark monster and dragon artwork. They're also working on a small comic strip. While not the darkest art you'll have ever seen, I think many of you will enjoy exploring their two websites. Their art is being exhibited in several upcoming shows and conventions in France and in Belgium. Their latest book is Epouvantables Fantomes." Check out their Teatime Monsters gallery too!

Both artists' pages link to their online shop, where you can purchase their fine art, limited editions, and books featuring their "Monsters and Dragons" art. (The shop is located in France).


Carine-M on Facebook

Elian Black'mor

Elian Black'mor on Facebook

Arsenic et Boule de Gomme

Arsenic et Boule de Gomme on Facebook


The Raven & Black Cat

This blog is described as "A Connoisseur's Compendium of Haunted Houses, Victorian Horror, and All Things Dark and Macabre." Currently they're reviewing a spooky Etsy boutique; mentioning the upcoming Great Horror Campout that will take place in Los Angeles; and announcing interesting upcoming Halloween and horror conventions and events. Check back in May to see what happens when they take a private paranormal tour of the haunted Shanley hotel.


The Raven & Black Cat on Facebook

The Raven & Black Cat on Twitter


Dark Horizons Radio

Dark Horizons is Theresa's amazingly cool "Darkcast" radio station. Online since 1992! Older than Darklinks.com! It is broadcast every Thursday night from 8pm to 11pm EST. You can read more about the history of Dark Horizons here. Check out the playlists to see what kind of music is played here; and visit the forum to get to know other Dark Horizons listeners. This is a very, very important resource to the goth and dark online scene. I so appreciate that it's still running.



The Monster High Gory Gazette

This Tumblr is devoted to Monster High dolls and their younger collectors. Currently blogging about the Ghouls Helping Ghouls project; and featuring new and upcoming dolls. It seems to be aimed at a pretty childish audience, not adult collectors, judging by the voice it's written in. I thought I'd include it here just in case a few of you would enjoy the pics of upcoming dolls.




This London-based post-punk band lists their influences as Mary Shelley, JG Ballard, Kurt Vonnegut, and Ray Bradbury. As those are writers, not musicians, I assume those revered persons influenced the band's lyrics. This is an all-female band who recently played at Coachella. Their album, "Silence Yourself," comes out in May.


Savages on Facebook

Savages on Twitter

Victor Sierra

A steampunk/electro band based in Paris, France. You can check out a few of their videos on their Youtube channel. And there's a concert review of their show at Phantasium back in February.

Victor Sierra on Bandcamp

Victor Sierra on Facebook

Victor Sierra on MySpace


Be My Goth

This shop offers PDF sewing patterns for goth clothes, goth accessories and home decor projects. The shop owner, Parnuuna, also offers some free step-by-step tutorials. She's adorably cute, modeling the clothing herself. The sewing patterns include some goth skirts, a neck corset, and a gothic jacket.


BeMyGoth on Facebook

Idolatre Clothing

This Etsy shop sells stunningly original hats, hair accessories, and jewelry. They also offer some corsets and lingerie pieces. My favorite thing here is this bat wing corset. The wings are detachable - how cool is that?



The Daily Nightmare

This horror blog focuses on Midwestern horror topics (horror writers, artists, and FX studios). I find it refreshing to read about so many things here that I haven't already seen covered on other horror blogs. And I really appreciate that this isn't just yet another horror movie review blog. They share a lot of interesting finds (toys, products, weird things) and I'll be back again soon to see what else they've found!


Twisted Central

A pair of horror fans (Gore Whore and J.R. Watkins) blog about horror movie reviews, horror interviews, and horror book reviews. Currently they're discussing The Omen IV and the upcoming All American Zombie Drugs DVD.


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Dark Side of the Net

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