February 15, 2013

Upcoming Gothic and Dark Events for Spring 2013

February 2013 Events

Wicked Faire, February 15-17 2013, Somerset, NJ

"Revenge of the Renaissance Fair." A RenFair for strange and dark people. I find it very cool that the event is 16+. Events include an absinthe tasting on Friday; a fire breathing gypsy performer; performances by Voltaire and Pandora Celtica; a show from White Elephant Burlesque Society and another by Coghead. Lots of cool stuff going on! I would so go to this if I lived on the East Coast.


WickedFaire on Facebook

Rose City Steampunk Festival, February 16-17 2013, Portland Oregon

This festival will show 16 really cool films at the Clinton Theater this weekend, including a restored version of "The Lost World."


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Dracula's Ball, February 23, 2013, Philadelphia, PA

The sixtieth Dracula's Ball event will be held at the Shampoo nightclub. Ego Likeness and Red This Ever will perform.


The Edwardian Ball, February 23, 2013 - Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles version of the Edwardian Ball features artists and performers as well as DJs. Glancing through past event photos, with everything so glamorous and creative, I'd be intimidated trying to find something to wear to this, personally!


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March 2013 Events

Mad Monster Party, March 22-24 2013, Charlotte, NC

Guests include cult horror stars Linnea Quigley, Kane Hodder, Bruce Campbell, plus celebrities including Gary Busey, Lea Thompson and Danny Glover.


Vampires Masquerade Ball, March 29-30 2013, Portland Oregon

This year marks the eleventh Vampires Masquerade Ball. Jillian Venters is the Master of Ceremonies, and the ball features performances by Paul Mercer and theXplodingBoys, a Portland area Cure tribute band. Sounds fun!


Vampire Ball PDX on Facebook

April 2013 Events

Cinema Wasteland, April 5-7 2013, Strongsville, OH

Cinema Wasteland is a three day movie and memorabilia exposition in Ohio. B-movie and horror films will be shown.


Cinema Wasteland on Facebook

Canadian Haunted Attractions, April 12-24 2013, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

A large and important Canadian Haunted Attractions, Halloween, Horror & Paranormal conference. Besides the commercial trade show, there are workshops and social events for haunt industry professionals.


Canadian Haunted Attractions Conference on Facebook

Dead by Dawn, April 25-28, 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland's horror film festival. This year is its 20th anniversary!


Dead by Dawn on Facebook

Whitby Goth Weekend, April 26-28 2013, Whitby UK

Truly, every goth should make at least one gothic pilgrimage to this event in their lifetime.


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May 2013 Events

Bats Day in the Fun Park, May 3-5 2013

This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of Bats Day in the Fun Park. It's held at Disneyland. I so hope to attend this next year when my child care responsibilities are a bit lighter. So many fun events all weekend long, and you can hardly fail to have a good time at Disneyland anyway.


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Gaslight Gathering, May 3-5, 2013 San Diego, CA

This is the third annual steampunk & Victoriana gathering held in San Diego (my former hometown!)


Gaslight Gathering, on Facebook

Texas Frightmare Weekend, May 3-5 2013, Dallas TX

The acclaimed Rue Morgue magazine helps produce this three day horror event. This year several prominent "Walking Dead" stars will appear.



Steampunk Worlds Fair, May 17-19 2013, New Jersey

A massive and very important steampunk event. Tons of performances, events, and of course a fabulous merchant bazaar.


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Wave Gotik Treffen, May 17-20 2013, Leipzig Germany

Yet another pilgrimage every goth should attempt to enjoy making in their lifetime. Lifechanging concerts, meeting thousands of goths from all over Europe, and lovely fashions to admire.


Wave Gotik Treffen Official, on Facebook

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World Goth Day, May 22, 2013, Worldwide

How does one celebrate World Goth Day? Embrace your darkness, proudly dress Goth for the day, and explore your darker interests in art, music, and literature. Suggestions:

  • Dress more goth and dressed-up than normal
  • Leave 5 kind comments on your 5 favorite goth blogs
  • Create dark artwork or post a goth-related post to your own blog
  • Update your goth Tumblr or Pinterest
  • Share a list of your 5 favorite goth blogs, goth bands, goth videos, or dark fiction books
  • Bake black or red velvet cupcakes
  • Host a dark Wonderland tea party
  • Dress up and have a friend take glamorous goth photos of you, then upload them
  • Gather friends for a festive showing of your favorite Tim Burton movie


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Victoria Steam Exposition, May 31-June 2, 2013, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Not a lot of info has been announced yet about this Canadian steampunk event. Hopefully closer to the event more details will be published.


Victoria Steam Exposition, on Facebook

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