January 10, 2013

New Gothic and Dark Links for January 10, 2013


Rose Shock

I find this Finnish dark alternative blog so fascinating! Rosette writes in English much of the time, and posts adorable pics of herself with shopping finds or new contact lenses she's trying out. I love seeing her wigs, hair and makeup - she looks gorgeous!



Victorian Vampire Society UK

This Facebook page has over 50,000 fans. Every day they post several times, sharing beautiful Victorian era illustrated books they've come across, dark artwork from Victorian era artists, book reviews of vampire fiction, photographs of creepy castles, and other darkly desolate images.

Victorian Vampire Society UK, on Facebook


Bella Lili Jewelry

Victorian couture costume jewelry from a designer in Texas. The materials used are silver plated brass and rhodium, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, Besides the usual necklaces, bracelets and earrings, there are brooches and some business card holders.

Also see her Disasterpiece series and her airship necklace. Very creative items here!


Bella Lili Jewelry on Facebook

The Evolution Store

This New-York based shop sells a wide assortment of replica skulls, anatomical models, real skulls and skeletons, dead insect displays, taxidermy items, minerals, seashells and fossils.

They also carry posters, puzzles and toys, decorative home items (including skull decor and glass spiders), and jewelry. Intriguing items here - check out this steampunk bird holding a key.


The Evolution Store on Facebook

The Evolution Store on Twitter


This shop is by a Los Angeles-based illustrator. Her shop sells prints of her artwork, plus the occasional original; as well as some nice stationery depicting octopi, bees, and crows. My favorite thing here is her Bebe Monster illustration reproduction.



Serpenthes on Facebook

Serpenthes on Twitter

Sugarpill Cosmetics

I wasn't sure if I was going to add this link or not. It's not a goth or dark store, and the imagery here is mostly fetish or J-pop style. But I love the eyeshadows here so much, and the cool looking packaging, so I thought I'll just go for it.

Besides their pressed and loose eyeshadows, check out their eyelashes and vegan collection.


Sugarpill Cosmetics on Facebook


Victoria ColdWolf's store sells adorable mini coffins. You can use them for your dolls, jewelry, small deceased pets, stationery or other storage uses. They're meant to be decorative, and not to be played with by children.


VampCoffins on Etsy

VampCoffins on Facebook


Ghosttales Television Network

A cable television network specializing in "real" paranormal ghost hunt investigations. (As opposed to the fakey ones on A&E and Travel Channel). Here you can watch a couple episodes of their shows, plus find out about affiliated television stations and radio stations.


Ghosttales Television Network, on Facebook



A horror film review blog that also occasionally posts interviews. Currently reviewing Texas Chainsaw 3D; showing the Evil Dead 2013 trailer; and discussing the Best and Worst of 2012 in horror.


FilmDeviant on Facebook

Fright Bytes

A Youtube horror show hosted by Lianne Spiderbaby, a writer for Fangoria. The show features convention news, horror film reviews, and interviews. There's also a bit of sci fi included too. The production values are really good here. Past episodes include a discussion of American Horror Story, a review of Paranormal Activity 4, and a Psycho/Hitchhock tribute episode.


Fright Bytes on Facebook

Real Queen of Horror

A horror film review blog by Zena, a young filmmaker. Currently she's sharing pictures of the upcoming horror film Mama; interviewing the head of Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens; and also sharing a few pictures from her wedding day.


Tomb Dragomir

Another horror-related Youtube channel, this one by the editor of Rue Morgue Radio. Recent videos include Making Monsters, Cabin in the Weirds, and a nice What is Goth? video starring Liisa Ladouceur. These videos are well done and interesting, I'm surprised to see so many of them have less than 500 views each.


Tomb Dragomir on Twitter

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