January 27, 2013

6 Intriguing Dark and Gothic Etsy Shops

Tom Banwell Designs

Tom Banwell sells steampunk masks and leather masks. There are also some pretty fairy/pagan head wreaths though those likely won't be of interest to my gothiest readers.

The filigree masks here are simply stunning. There's also a clever, thoughtful section here for masks made specifically for eyeglass wearers.


Batcakes Couture

I'm so enjoying looking at their stunning hats, bridal wear, feather headdresses and fascinators. They also sell veils, feather fans and jewelry. Everything here is gorgeous! The shop is based in Los Angeles.

My favorite item here is this purple peacock fascinator.


Batcakes Couture on Facebook


"Your flesh is dying for these. Bath and body products for the walking dead." This store makes me laugh. I love their sense of humor. Note that I haven't tried any of their products, so I don't know what they smell like. This store sells Coffin Candy, Lip Embalm, body lotions, shower gels, solid perfumes, body butter, mineral eye shadows, face wash, body wash, and lots of other goodies.

Check out their shrunken tiki head soap, which is scented with pomegranate.


Bloodbath Body Products on Facebook

Cracked Brain Creations

Creepy handmade horror dolls are on offer here, including a steampunk Frankenstein, a doll with bleeding eyes, and a voodoo doll.


Cracked Brain Creation on Facebook

Feral Strumpet

The gothic and Victorian jewelry here is inspired by Hammer horror films, dark fairy tales, pagan rituals and gothic novels. Besides the lovely jewelry, the shop sells bookmarks for grimoires, hair adornments, and witch balls.

You might enjoy the Feral Nuptials wedding/handfasting jewelry section, too.


Ophelia's Shade

"Peculiarities for a more elegant and darker sensibility." This LA-based shop sells hair accessories, some dark chokers, handmade bags, an altered journal or two, and vintage jewelry.

My favorite piece here is this red and black mourning veil.


--Copyright 2013 Carrie Carolin

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my shop, Feral Strumpet! I am filled with spooky glee.

  2. Great links! I will definitely be checking out these shops!