January 5, 2013

5 Gothic Clothing Shops I'm Exploring This Evening


Alternative X

"Beautiful gothic clothing." This shop is based out of Nairn, Scotland. Besides running the clothing shop, Alternative X puts on alternative rock club events from time to time.

For women, the shop sells tops, dresses, skirts, underbust and overbust corsets, and coats. The selection for men includes t-shirts, shirts, vests, coats and trousers.

My favorite item of clothing here is their black and red Baroque skirt.


Roxx Online

Hand-made clothing, including beautiful, flowing medieval gowns; fleur de lys dresses; wedding dresses; menswear; and some stunning capes and coats.

Check out the lacy spiderweb coat and this damask style velvet chenille coat.

There are truly gorgeous garments here - I am so tempted by several of them!



A gothic, punk and Lolita clothing shop, based in the UK. They sell several styles of Lolita dresses (School, Rococo, Sweet and Classic); men's and women's gothic clothing; punk clothes; medieval clothing for men and women; Victorian clothing; and some steampunk clothing. There are also a few corsets on offer.

The models and photography here are gorgeous - you'll really enjoy browsing this shop!

DevilInspired, on Facebook

Inspired Insanity

This Australian shop sells punk, gothic, rockabilly, 1950s pinup style, and other alternative styles of clothing. They also sell plus size clothing, a few pieces of maternity clothing, and a few styles of shoes. I'm also enjoying checking out their homewares, jewelry and gifts.

They carry a lot of the Hell Bunny brand items, some psychobilly clothing, and only two menswear items that I can see.


Inspired Insanity, on Facebook

Daisy Viktoria

"Faerie Queen couture." She designs lovely bridal, prom, historical and costume gowns, plus corsets, skirts, tops, shrugs and coats. She also offers tie-on bustles, which I think is quite a clever idea! Many of the items here are available as custom orders.

Some of the clothing here is extremely unusual, I've not seen anything like it - such as this Swirls and Stripes Cupcake Dress.


Daisy Viktoria on Etsy

Daisy Viktoria on Facebook


--Copyright 2013 Carrie Carolin

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  1. Ah, my favourite type of links! I actually haven't heard of ANY of these, thanks for posting them!

  2. Oh good! Glad you enjoyed them. I sometimes hesitate to include TOO many shops or commercial links too often, so people don't feel spammed or solicited! I just love seeing all the gothy products out there.