October 8, 2012

Edgar Allan Poe Musicals and Theater Productions

Cabaret Poe

Cabaret Poe is a musical based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, featuring original new music. You can buy The Songs of Cabaret Poe CD
by emailing them. The cast of Cabaret Poe will be performing on October 20 in Indianapolis at Danse Macabre: The Gothic Ball.


Cabaret Poe on Facebook

Poe the Musical

Eric Woolfson's musical album. The site offers a photo gallery and a way to buy the CD.


Once Upon a Midnight

John Astin stars as Poe. I don't believe he tours any more - the outdated website lists 2004 tour dates for his performance. I just wanted to include this link anyway for informational purposes.


Poe: A Musical

This musical is based on Edgar Allan Poe's life (as opposed to being based on his works). It doesn't appear to be performed currently.


Edgar Allan Poe's Nevermore

Nevermore is a theatrical production you can purchase the rights (and script) to perform in your area.

Edgar Allan Poe's Nevermore, at Theatrical Rights.com

Apropoe Productions

Norman George can be booked to perform "Poe Alone," "The Raven and the Dove," or "Poe Onstage."


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