October 17, 2012

2 Very Useful Edgar Allan Poe Blogs

The World of Edgar Allan Poe

"The truth was stranger than his fiction."

Undine's blog explores Edgar Allan Poe's life, and posts news about new books, other Internet resources, and current Poe memes. The blog has been going strong for three years now. Recent posts include The Strange Case of Rosalie Poe; A Little Known Poe Obituary; The Poet and the Murderer; and a bit of info on Virginia Clemm Poe.

Most posts here are very informative and serious, but the blogger occasionally strays into silly territory such as this collection of Poe cat mashup macros.


Poe Forward

"Edgar Allan Poe and his influence on pop culture."

The well-written posts here introduce a different piece of Poe's work every time, explaining and annotating them before presenting the work in entirety. I find it really helpful to read the introductions to each work ahead of time. Also, each post is followed by extensive references to information sources.

Recent posts have included a look at Annabel Lee; Edgar Allan Poe's funeral; Edgar Allan Poe's death; and William Wilson, Published 1839.


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