September 10, 2012

New Dark Links for September 10, 2012


Agostino Arrivabene

This Italian surrealist artist features Biblical, religious and mythological themes in his artwork. His paintings are not ultra-dark or depressing, but they intrigue me a lot and I wanted to show them to you.

Carrie Anne Baade

Impressive surrealist art from an assistant professor at Florida State. My favorite of her paintings here is the steampunkesque "Queen Bitch."

Federico Bebber

Federico Bebber is an Italian digital artist. His creations figure black, white, and dark grey primarily. He says his work is the product of a great restlessness. These pieces are especially haunting to me.

Federico Bebber on the Behance Network

Federico Bebber on Facebook

Federico Bebber's Flickr Photostream

Federico Bebber on Twitter

Tea Party Love

The art of Sarah Joncas. There are a lot of paintings to look at here. She works in oil and in graphite on paper. Her work is described as pop surrealist, and it's not super dark. My favorite so far is Lucifer's Bride.

Sarah Joncas on Facebook


The Black Wardrobe

"Dark glamour for everyday and everynight." Designer Nora Benhayyi's dark pinup and vintage style clothing. Also check out her blog.

Deep Midnight Perfumes

The perfume oils here are grouped into themes: Victorian Gothic, Steampunk, Fantasy/Magic, and Halloween. "Haunted Hayride" is scented to evoke candy, hay, pumpkins, marshmallows, and frankincense.

Dark Empire Shop

A German shop selling Manic Panic, eyelid jewels, Bleeding Edge goth dolls, and some cosmetics.

Mad Scientists Designs

This shop sells artisan jewelry and altered art. Check out the gothic bat ring and cool steampunk vacuum tube earrings.

Peacock Blue

This shop sells gorgeous boas, headpieces, hairpieces, hair accessories, hats and gloves. Great for burlesque or over-the-top avant garde goth outfits. Most of the pieces are fully customizable, so you can request different color combinations. My favorite is La Sylphide.

Pearls and Swine

They sell goth fascinators, crowns, some interesting but not goth collars, some really cool eye patches and masks, steampunk fascinators and lots of other types of fascinators. Really fun browsing here!

Pearls and Swine

Pearls and Swine on Etsy

Pearls and Swine on Facebook

Pearls and Swine on Twitter

Veil of Visions

This London-based shop sells clothing and accessories for goth, steampunk, Lolita, Victorian, Cyber, Burlesque and Rockabilly enthusiasts. They carry chokers, hats and fascinators, hair accessories, coats, jackets, dresses, corsets, T-shirts, and patches.


X-Files Community on Livejournal

An LJ community that's still a nice haven for X-files watchers. Currently someone is re-watching seasons 3 and 4 and sharing their comments.


The Los Angeles Darkside Livejournal community. A great way to find out about upcoming goth shows, club nights and events in the LA area.

Bristol Bibliogoths

A community for goths in Bristol who are voracious readers.



Very frequently updated news on horror movies. There's also a section for news on horror games.

Fan of the Dead

A 52 minute documentary on the making of Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Return of the Living Dead. (The originals, not the remakes). The filmmaker takes you to the Pennsylvania locations where the movies were filmed.

Vintage Horror

This blog covers horror books and authors, movies, TV, and horror news. There's also a Vintage Horror Radio podcast, which has 44 episodes. Sadly the last episode was produced a year ago. The blog looks sporadically updated, but it's worth the wait to read these quality posts and reviews.


Evil Club Empire

Three or four different clubs in the LA area. It's hard to tell since their Facebook "About" page doesn't offer any info and there's no "About" page on the website. Anyway, this appears to cover news for Blue Mondays, Perversion on Thursdays, and Clockwork Orange on Fridays in Hollywood. If you live in the LA area, it's probably a good idea to Like this and/or add it to your Twitter feed so you can keep up on the club nights they're offering.

Evil Club Empire on Facebook

Evil Club Empire on Twitter



A Tumblr blog about goths of color. Lots and lots of gorgeous gothic fashions are shown here, with beautiful goths wearing them.

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