August 14, 2012

New Goth Links for August 14, 2012


Elif Varol Ergen

Turkish illustrator who draws grotesque images of children subjected to violence and abuse. Her techniques utilize acrylics, ink, silkscreening, digital imaging, and mixed media.

Elif Varol Ergen on Facebook

Elif Varol Ergen on Twitter


John C. Worsley's art and comics. (My favorite piece here is Amber and Violet). The artist resides in Portland, Oregon and has multiple interests, including music and video game design.

Openvein on Facebook

John C. Worsley on Twitter


Cadeuceus Wines

This winery is owned by Maynard James Keenan. The wines have names like "Tarzan Red," "Chupacabra" and "Shinola."

Damsel In This Dress

Renaissance, pirate, steampunk, and Victorian corsets. There's a 3 week wait time on custom orders. The shop also sells gorgeous skirts, vests, and blouses. I think you'll love browsing the pics here.

Damsel In This Dress on Facebook

SpookyTime Jingles

"Where sweet 'n' spooky co-mingle." A a juried online marketplace dedicated to unique original works of Halloween and Christmas art. Each artist offers one item per month. Currently on offer: a skeleton bangle from Lulu Kellogg; spooky clay figures from Skeleton in My Closet; and a Monsters in My Candy sculpture from Oh My Horror.

SpookyTime Jingles on Facebook

SpookyTime Jingles on Twitter

Tempus Fugit Spirits

"Time flies." This company makes several absinthes, as well as intriguing liqueurs like Liqueur de Violettes, bitters and a creme de menthe. Lovely packaging, great for your next Edwardian dinner party.


The Skin Trade

The upcoming werewolf thriller by George R. R. Martin, the author who created the immensely popular Game of Thrones.


The Death Notes

A female-fronted band from Nottingham. They play alternative rock and dark indie, but definitely have gothy vocals. Check out their song "In the Spider's Web" on their official page.

The Death Notes (Official)

The Death Notes, on Facebook

The Death Notes, on MySpace

Emilie Autumn Forum

Fans of Emilie Autumn discuss her music in her official forum. The Facebook page helps keep fans connected.

Industrial Music Evolution

A music genre page with posts on upcoming industrial shows, music releases and other news.


News from Fields of the Nephilim and related bands. Currently blogging about the M'era Luna setlist and FOTN headlining the 2013 Amphi festival.


Fatal Blush

Skarlett blogs about how to maintain your porcelain pallor, eerie edibles, dark decor, goth beauty and fashion.

Spooky University

Kayla is a college student, a witch, and a Gothic Lolita. She shares her recent outfits, including this goblin-king inspired one; shares tips on making a DIY headboard; and introduces us to her cute black kitten, Shadow.


Creature Buzz

Horror, sci-fi and fantasy news blog, heavy on special effects, masks and makeup. Also check out their fascinating Pinterest boards.

Horror Etc.

The blog from a Canadian horror podcast. They also run a book club.

Igor's Lab

A horror podcast, plus reviews, interviews, horror toys, horror games, horror TV and comics coverage.

Igors Lab on Facebook

Igor's Lab on Twitter

Monster Magazine World

John's blog on monster magazines, monster movies, and horror.

Zombie Hamster

Busy blog on horror, with concert reviews, interviews, Monday Night Fright, info on horror comics, horror literature, horror television, and interviews.


Dark Stories

A site in English and French featuring user-submitted dark stories. Myths and legends, cryptozoology, the paranormal, the unexplained, etc. are the themes here.

Haunted Huntsville Investigations

Amateur paranormal investigators in Huntsville, Texas.

Wee Ghosties

A beginner's guide to ghost hunting. Currently blogging about their Paxton Manor investigation.

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