August 20, 2012

Dark Side of the News for August 20, 2012

Roman Dirge's fourth Lenore book: Swirlies comes out tomorrow, August 21 2012.

Happy fifth birthday to the awesome Frankensteinia blog!

Ron Howard's Dark Tower adaptation won't be happening after all?

Bruce Campbell is ok with the upcoming Evil Dead remake.

The Etsy Dark Team is showcasing an adorable handmade Edward Scissorhands.

Misbehavin' Librarian reviewed a book that piqued my interest: "Charlotte Markham and the House of Darkling." I might pick it up despite her warning that it's a bit confusing.

Here's a nice overview of some ghost stories for teenagers that came out in the last year.

I'm also intrigued by this review of The Dark Unwinding. You can never have too many books set in huge manors on lonely English moors.

The HouseCat has some good fashion advice for new goths and babybats. Without being condescending - yay!

Sony has released a Hotel Transylvania Facebook game. However, it apparently isn't all that great.

Check out this cool "Danse Macabre: Noble Blood Vampire Ball" that will take place September 29 in a Victorian-era hunting mansion in Magdeburg, Germany.

Brandy Schillace is researching A Subject Dark and Intricate. "This project explores the proliferation of electrical, neurological and reproductive sciences at the often cited naissance of Gothic literature at the “other” fin de si├Ęcle: the end of the eighteenth century." Check out a brief introduction here.

Collecting Edward Gorey - an excellent New York Review of Books article.

This is old news, but I didn't have the strength to post it til now. A screen-worn Edward Scissorhands costume was recently auctioned and sold for $86,000. If only I'd won the lottery beforehand!

A zombie-proof safe house architecture design contest is happening in Belgium.,0,364483.story

Huffington Post has a cool article on the artist behind

At the Darklinks Social Network, I'm looking for some volunteer moderators. (Long hours, no pay! grin). I'm hoping for someone to adopt the Frankenweenie group, posting news and articles and links every day. We also have a new group for 666 Park Avenue which could use some loving attention in the upcoming weeks, too.

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