July 17, 2012

New Goth Links for July 17, 2012


Calan Ree

Calan produces the GingerDead comic. She also creates fabulous little odd art dolls, some really unusual ceramic pottery, and sculpted jewelry. After perusing the intriguing things here, you can stop by her blog to see what she's working on lately.


So Dark So Cute

Donna is from the Netherlands. She sculpts and creates dark art dolls. She also has a deviantart page and a Facebook fan page.



Dark Eva's Dark Delights

Eva writes horror and dark fantasy reviews (both books and films). She also summarizes the week's most interesting horror news tidbits and shares horror-related links she's found recently. This is a great place to stop by to get a quick look at what's going on in horror fiction lately.


The Dark Victorian

"Gothic Lolita fashion, lifestyle and dark romanticism." Lady Jayne is an artist/illustrator living in Baltimore with two black cats. You can check out her fabulously decorated new townhouse she's recently moved into; check out her recipe for absinthe cupcakes; see the comic art she's drawn lately; and see the gorgeous outfit she wore on her 21st birthday. Whenever I see interesting blogs like this that don't have new posts very often, I wish I could give a goth-boot-clad gentle kick to the bum of the authors to post more often, grin.


Etiquette and the Victorian Gothic Aesthetic

Raven Sexton's blog about goth. Lately she's blogging about haunted houses, tattoos and prejudice, odd little dark shops, Gothic Lolita makeup, and her life in general. I really liked her recent post about being a Gateway Goth.


Lashes and Stars

"Fashion fades. Darkness is eternal." Karen's blog on goth, darkwave, industrial, and literature. She also has a related tumblr. I'm having a hard time summarizing this blog because there's so many interesting posts here. Try I Was a Vampire Roleplayer; a review of the Ready, Player One book my friend was just recommending to me last week; some Switchblade Symphony nostalgia; and musings on the film Labyrinth.


The Speculative Salon

This isn't a dark or horror related blog, but it's such a valuable resource for writers, I wanted to pass along the link. I know there are a lot of goth writers who visit Darklinks.

This is a cooperative blog by several different authors. The links shared here are valuable and well researched. Also, the posts are extremely interesting. Check out What MMOs Can Do For Your Writing; Similar Fears; Dream Interpretation with the Tarot; and Urban Fantasy is Not Doomed. And you'll probably benefit from last week's link post.



Chicago Creepster

It's so nice to see an active, moderated, useful Yahoo! group. This one is where the local Chicago horror community shares event info and news on local happenings. Part of Dark Chicago.com, the group tends to have around 20-25 posts per month.



This is the community for Victoria, British Columbia. There are forums for local events, goth chat, music, fashion, and for sale ads. Not too active lately, but might be revived with enough locals unlurking to contribute. A good place to start if you're a new goth in the area.



All Things King

A Stephen King fan's tumblr, with news and updates, plus lots of fan art. (Check out this Carrie painting).


Belinda Frisch

The personal blog for the author of The Strandville Zombie novels. She's also written a horror novel called Dead Spell, and contributed short stories to various horror magazines, including Shroud.


Glynn James

I don't normally link to blogs that haven't been updated in over six months. Still, in hopes that the author of the Diary of the Displaced series eventually updates the website, here's the link. He's currently busy writing the Whispering Coast series.


Tyr Kieran

This horror author offers free fiction reads, plus an intriguing interactive horror serial.


The King Cast

Bob LeDrew's horror podcast on the worlds of Stephen King. He covers the books, films, stories, TV shows and online fan sphere. The latest episode, #27, discusses the role of secrets in Stephen King's works.


Talk Stephen King

A well done Stephen King fan blog, with carefully thought out, well written posts. Lately discussing Stephen King's Batman comic introduction; Carrie Goes to ComicCon; and an interesting link between Carrie and Star Wars.


Michele Lee

A sci/fi fantasy and horror writer, as well as a reviewer and editor. Her book "Wolf Heart" was just released.


TentacleII: H.P. Lovecraft Blog

A high quality, scholarly blog about H.P. Lovecraft and his works. Currently blogging about Lovecraft's telescope, Erik Kriek's illustrations for Lovecraft stories, and a new Lovecraft mapping resource.



Silver Scream

This horror blogger is on top of his game. He covers horror and sci-fi movies, books, games, and music. A frequent and knowledgeable poster, he helps you keep on top of what's going on in the genre. Some of the films and books he references are a bit on the more obscure side. I appreciate that since it's so easy to find out about the big budget horror flicks elsewhere. I'd much rather learn something new, and I do every time I come visit this blog.


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