July 25, 2012

Dark and Spooky Etsy Shops

Rag Dollies Madhouse

This shop specializes in goth and steampunk top hats and jewelry. They also sell a few Elizabethan ruffs and cuffs, feather fascinators and a few steampunk wrist cuffs.


Spiderwings Dark Whimsy

My friend Ann's shop, where she sells her artwork, cephalopod related items, curiosities, and replica resin animal skulls.


Dellamorte and Co

This shop draws inspiration from "catacombs and tombs." On offer are candlestick holders, wall plaques, wine stoppers, and jewelry. Check out the Kraken corkscrew and unusual tentacle candlestick holder.


Twisted Mind of Mine

"Jewelry for the twisted at heart." Items carried here include "Hair candy," necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, ear studs, compacts, pins, and sweater guards. My favorite item here is The Human Ribcage raised cameo necklace.


Niswander Ceramics

This art pottery shop sells creepy jack'o'lanterns, cute Bride of Frankenstein drinking mugs, a creepy witch face jar and other creatively odd pottery pieces.


Cemetery Cat Designs

"Designs for the curious and macabre." This shop sells unique jewelry, such as this Dark Depths necklace, as well as several styles of skull earrings.


Pinky Noodles

You have to skip over some unrelated stuff (flower cabochons, for example) here to find the nice dark things. I linked this shop mostly because of the very cool cameos, many featuring skulls, black cats, octopi, skeleton hands and such.


--Copyright 2012 Carrie Carolin

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