May 22, 2012

World Goth Day Links

The official World Goth Day site. Find out about the history of World Goth Day, and visit the forum to see what's going on around the world today.

World Goth Day Facebook Page

World Goth Day Official Twitter page

A very important part of World Goth Day is promotion of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, on Facebook

In Memory of Sophie, on MySpace

S.O.P.H.I.E. on Twitter

I recommend reading this excellent blog post, The Goths-Eye View.

And I'm chuckling over some of my similar early-goth memories, while reading I Recall My Own Gothy Past on World Goth Day.

CNN posted this article called The Dark Side of World Goth Day.

You'll like the photos and sentiment expressed here on Why My Heart Wears Black.

Check out the gorgeous photographs that Visceral Industry took at a World Goth Day celebration in Brisbane.

It's World Goth Day in Finland, too, with a lovely photograph Mothmouth offered up of herself.

--Carrie Carolin

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