March 1, 2012

New Goth and Horror Links for March 1, 2012

1. Gravestoned

Amy O'Neal's excellent blog sharing her gravestone explorations. Recent posts include some interesting headstones from a cemetery in Ohio; a photo of a siltstone marker; and a beautiful epitaph hymn.

2. Shadow Element

Derek Emmons' gallery of dark fantasy photomanipulations. My favorite is Steampunk Halloween.

3. Holly's Horrorland

Holly collects and creates horror-themed curiosities. There's a lot of vampire content here. She also runs interesting contests, such as the Mad as a Hatter Model Competition.

Holly's Horrorland on Facebook

Holly's Horrorland on Twitter

4. Boston Area Goth/Industrial

If you live in or near Boston you already know about this group. Otherwise, it's great if you're planning a trip or vacation to the city and want to attend a local goth event while you're there.

Boston Area Goth/Industrial Group, on Facebook

5. Skullsville USA

This shop sells goth, punk, Victorian, skull-and-skeleton themed accessories, beads, and jewelry.

Skullsville USA on Twitter

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