February 16, 2012

6 Tantalizing True Blood Links

If you're a huge True Blood fan, you probably already have your favorite True Blood news sources and blogs to read. But if you're a calm enthusiast and sometimes consumer of the show, you might find the following links of interest.

1. Eric and Sookie Lovers

Fans of the vampire/psychic pairing on True Blood join to participate in forums, read True Blood news, read interviews, find out about True Blood related events, and access the media archives. There's also a couple of fanfic stories here, plus info on the last few seasons of the show. More intellectual than most shipper sites - but that doesn't say much. I mean it as a compliment!


2. Sookieverse Blog

It's hard to sustain a television-and-book based blog in between times. There won't be a new book out for a while, and the TV show won't air for a couple more months. So this blog is handling the drought by posting interesting thoughts on Hero worship of Eric; contemplation on the return of Steve Newlin; and plenty of active discussions in the site's forums.


3. True Blood Fic

An active Livejournal community with frequent fan fic postings by some of the 1100 members. Both slash and heterosexual pairings stories are welcomed here.


4. Eric and Sookie

I didn't mean to overload this list with more than one Eric/Sookie pairing fan site. But I'm really enjoying this well-designed site, which currently presents info on the new cover of Deadlocked; the introduction of Eric Northman's sister; and the Season 5 teaser trailer.


5. Inside True Blood

A fascinating look behind-the-scenes at TrueBlood from people who work on the set. Recent posts include how the props department keeps track of the drinks being served at Merlottes and Fangtasia; how the costumer keeps Pam's costume lubricated; and how they set up the sets.

The posts are sadly sparse on words, but the behind-the-scenes exclusive photos are fabulous and make up for it.


6. True Blood Fan Source

Once you scroll past the December posting calling for authors, this site is vibrant and full of news and articles on True Blood. Casting news, trailers and previews, spoilers, info on the actors' other roles, principal actor sightings, and links to recent interviews and articles in other publications. A great way to get a quick overview of what's going on in the True Blood universe.


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