October 30, 2011

13 Morbidly Cool Dark Etsy Shops

1. Agorables

Lowbrow art featuring skulls, zombies, Day of the Dead, and monsters. They sell wallets, prints, greeting cards, notepads, and belt buckles.


2. Lisa Falzon Art

Lisa Falzon sells her fabulous dark fantasy artwork prints here. She also sells some adorable pocket mirrors featuring her artwork.

My favorite print for sale here is The Dreaming Box.

Her blog is here and she has a Facebook page too.


3. Grigio Design

This shop sells jewelry featuring skeletons, Lolita, Day of the Dead, and vampires. I really like the cameo earrings and the fat bat necklace


4. Monster of My Heart

This artist has a strange fascination with human teeth. There are huge "human tooth" pendants, as well as loose replicas you can leave around the house to frighten your roommates. I really like the chocolate brown leather bracelet, colorful skull keyrings, and sugar skull brooches. There are a lot of really weird things here you might want to peek at, I can't even describe most of them.


5. Pocket Full of Poziez

I've long been a fan of Queeniez' creations. She makes adorable stuffed goth toys, as well as pillows, prints, tote bags and other goth necessities. Her dreadfully cute creations get illegally copied and ripped off a lot, so be sure you are buying straight from their talented creator.



Pocket Full of Posiez on Facebook

Queenie Posiez, on Twitter

6. Wishing Thorn

This shop sells "peculiarities and vintage goods." Currently stocked with intriguing vials and bottles, toxins and poisons, weird stickers, odd art prints, and eerie vintage photographs.


7. Solocosmo

This store purveys the artwork of Jessica Grundy. Her prints are of colorful-haired girls who are slightly, cheerfully goth, but not uber-spooky. There are also magnets, buttons, necklaces and mirrors featuring her art.


8. Indigo Chyld Resources

Fabulous dark digital collage supplies. Background sheets, digital scrapbook kits, Halloween images, and other digital artwork to help your crafts projects. Also, she makes really cool paper dolls, including my favorite, the Lizzie Borden paper doll.


9. Wool & Water

This shopowner is on vacation until Halloween is over, so you'll have to check back to see the delightful dark goods here.


10. HidenSeek

"The art of fairytales, wild bears and dark forest creatures." Art prints, jewelry, postcards, and mirrors featuring lost children, girls who look remarkably like Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood. I love fairy tales, so this store is especially tempting to me.


11. Sacred Stitches

Nice dreary skeletal artwork on shirts for men and women, plus some prints and pillows featuring similar dark illustrations.


12. Cyanide Sweetheart

Cute Alice-in-Wonderland themed jewelry, some skull poison rings, and other gifts. I seem to recall there being a lot more items for sale here when I first started working on this post 2 weeks ago; maybe they were all so cool they sold out right away!


13. The Witching Hour

Cool goth jewelry, clothing, purses and accessories. A bit tradgoth, a bit Victorian, and then some disco thrown in for the heck of it.


--Copyright 2011 Carrie Carolin

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