August 22, 2011

New Goth Links for August 22, 2011


Aunia Kahn

A figurative artist who creates non-existent places, dreams, illusions, fears and fables. Currently on the website you can tour her following exhibits: Our Human Error, Our Common Silence, Our Forbidden Solitude, Our Intimate Perception, and Our Intrepid Discoveries.

Her work will be exhibited in Canada, Utah, and San Francisco in the month of September.

She's also the co-creator of the stunning, striking Silver Era Tarot deck.

Aunia Kahn Blog

Aunia Kahn Facebook

Aunia Kahn Twitter

Chet Zar

Chet Zar's gallery of dark, surreal, strange fine art. He's highly influenced by horror movies. (My current favorite is Lilith).

The galleries currently offer his artwork from each year between 2005 and 2010. There's so much to see here; yet I can't wait to see what he's worked on in 2011.

Chet Zar on Facebook

Chet Zar on Twitter


Paradise of Horror

A horror blog from an aspiring filmmaker. Recent posts have included a comparison of Children of the Corn and Beware... Children at Play; a review of one of my favorite movies ( Night of the Comet); and comments on The Thing prequel.

Upon a Midnight Dreary

This blog celebrates Halloween year-round. They're currently blogging about some unusual jewelry, ouija boards, perusing villainous pirate costumes, and sharing some papier mache jack-o-lanterns.

The Zed Word

A zombie blog specializing in "the sexy and sleazy side of zombies." Currently participating in a "sexy zombie" photo contest, discussing the 1965 film Orgy of the Dead, and reviewing the Lollipop Chainsaw game.


Shelley's Ghost

This exhibition is a collaboration between the Bodleian Libraries and the New York Public Library. In the online exhibition, you can peek at the draft of Frankenstein, see a photograph of Mary Shelley's dressing case, listen to podcasts, read letters by the Shelleys, and read biographies of the Shelleys.


Nox Arcana

Though they may at times appeal to goth metal audiences, this band creates gothic, dark fantasy, medieval, horror and Halloween music. Last year they released the Theater of Illusion CD. You can listen to a few of the tracks here.

Nox Arcana on Facebook

Nox Arcana on Twitter

Nox Arcana on YouTube


Atelier Minyon

This New York-based jeweler creates very interesting designs. While not goth, I thought some of you might like to see their jeweled ink, spiders and webs, and skulls collections.

I personally don't care for the gold used on so many pieces here instead of silver or platinum, but these are still lovely. I'm very impressed with how original this jewelry as. As a jewelry buyer for a gift store, I see so much of the same boring crap all the time. This is refreshingly unique.

Also check out their dagger jewelry and unusual bridal collection.

Mystic Crypt

A California-based goth shop specializing in plus-sized goth clothes. They also sell some horror toys, goth jewelry, a few Living Dead Dolls, and Bastet2329's creepy horror dolls. A few goth decor items are also available, such as coffin-shaped boxes.

Sigh Co. Graphics

I feel like it's time to revisit one of my all-time favorite shop links. Sigh Co Graphics has been making amazingly cool designs for so many years now. Their store sells gothic, punk, industrial, steampunk, horror, zombie, Lovecraftian, and fetish fashion. Plus there's a whole section devoted to Edgar Allan Poe!

Check out their Zombie vodka t-shirt and steampunk Jolly Roger shirt.

Violent Delights

This eBay store sells goth, cyber and steampunk clothing and accessories. Brands they carry include Lip Service, Hell Bunny Black, Living Dead Souls, Iron Fist, and Tripp NYC.

My favorite item here is this lovely black brocade dress.


Deadman's Tome

Deadman's Tome is an online horror magazine intended for fans of the macabre, horror, short stories and dark fantasy. You can download the PDF of the August 2011 edition to read the latest short stories. There's also a podcast you can listen to.

The Horror Zine

Horror fiction, poetry, and art. This month they have a special guest, Ramsey Campbell. Read his contribution to the zine here.

Reflections of Darkness

This dark music webzine offers concert reviews, CD reviews, and interviews. A lot of the music here is black metal, but you'll also be able to find a few things of interest on dark electronica and industrial.


The Niceboots Marketplace

A Livejournal community for UK-based sales and trades of goth fashion and accessories. A great way to find bargains or unload some lovely goth items you can't use anymore.

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  1. Thanks for including The Zed Word on your site. Unfortunately, your description of The Zed Word is not entirely accurate. The focus on sexy zombies was just a special feature we were running for the month of August; it's not the usual focus.