October 20, 2010

13 More Cool Halloween Blogs

1. Redecorating Middle-Earth in Early Lovecraft

The tagline is "Always Halloween and never Thanksgiving." This is author Amy H. Sturgis' blog with lots of links and resources on Halloween, Lovecraft, vampires, classic horror literature, and more fascinating topics. If you follow the frequently-posted links here, you'll have plenty of things to keep you busy on cold autumn nights.


2. CreepyLA

Tons of cool Halloween-related happenings in the LA area are posted on this blog. For example, the El Capitan's yearly showing of The Nightmare Before Christmas is going to be in 4-D this year. Yes, you heard me right! They'll use some sort of in-theater effects like fog and wind. That is so awesome.


3. Ghoul Friday

A blog for Halloween artists and enthusiasts. Currently posting about Fright Dome at Circus Circus, an impressive bottle of Crystal Head vodka, and incredibly cool photos of the Bellagio Halloween garden decorations in Vegas.


4. Halloween Addict

A Halloween fan's blog with to-do tips, movie lists, Halloween countdowns, interesting things they've found online, and a post on The Spirit Store's attempt to move the date of Halloween.


5. Halloween Alchemy

A folk artist's Halloween blog, showcasing her creations.


6. Haunt Style

Tips and ideas for people who want to incorporate Halloween into their year-round decor. Currently posting about an amazing skeleton art car, haunted buildings, and getting married in a haunted chapel.


7. HoHo Halloween

The artwork of Jorge de Rojas. There are lots of interesting, picture-heavy posts on recent cool spooky crafts shows he's attended.


8. Melissa Valeriote's Halloween Folk Art

Another talented Halloween artist's blog. She likes to incorporate a bit of whimsy or silliness into her pieces. My favorite post here is the one where she lets us peek into her home studio.


9. PumpkinBrain

The blog of a father who creates cool papier-mache jack-o-lanterns and shares his cool Halloween links and finds.


10. The Raven's Barrow

I've thoroughly been enjoying reading this blog on Halloween, horror and fantasy in modern culture. Today is the author Derek's birthday, which he shares with Bela Lugosi.


11. Raven Fae's Creations

This artist makes creepy, cute Halloween creations. She also finds really cool vintage images to post.


12. Scotty Art

A Halloween artist who enjoys working with paper mache. Browse through his posts to see what he's working on currently.


13. Season of Shadows

A Halloween yard haunter's blog, with cool posts on Goblin Nog, pumpkins, Halloween events and trips to the Spirit Halloween store.


Happy haunting,

-Carrie Carolin

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  1. I like your blog. I have been searching the net for some cool halloween ideas, and I came across your site. It's interesting to look at and has some great content in it. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for naming HalloweenAddict.com as one of your "13 Cool Halloween Blogs!"

    You've got a great site! I'll add it to my sites to check out through October.