September 30, 2010

13 Haunting Halloween Blogs

1. Bliss Massacre

A prop creator's blog, currently featuring gorgeous photographs of pumpkin fields. I can't wait to see what they post about as the month of October continues.

2. Haunted Mansion Northside

The blog of an animator who's worked for Disney on and off for the past 15 years. He's currently helping some friends design a haunted attraction in Burbank, CA.

3. So Cal Halloween

The home haunter in California who is seeking donations to help him build a steampunk drilling machine for his yard haunt this year.

4. Halloween Artists

This blog describes itself as "An online magazine and marketplace for Halloween artists, folk art collectors and holiday enthusiasts." Currently posting about a Halloween fairy, a Halloween clown, and a creepy witch prop that sits in a chair.

5. Creepy Cupcakes

A blog focusing on creepy crafts, cooking, and Halloween homemaking. Currently posting about decorative skull plates, pumpkin pie, gorgeous decoupage pumpkins, and a DIY standing candelabra. I love visiting this blog!

6. Artistic Halloween Queens

I was trying to avoid listing any blogs that seem to exist merely for the purpose of sending people to eBay and etsy auctions for Halloween items. But this lady's stuff is so cute, I really like visiting her blog to see what she's created. So I'm throwing this link in anyways.

7. Kat the Hat Lady

A UK-based crafter who creates miniature Halloween scenes, dollhouse miniatures, and shares pictures of her Halloween shopping trips and cool finds.

8. The Shadow Farm

Dave's fabulous Halloween creations, which he builds to incorporate into his yard haunt every year. If you're interested in the subject of professional-caliber Halloween props, you'll probably love this photo-rich blog.

9. Boo Spooky

A Halloween enthusiast who lives in Alaska. They post about creating Halloween art and building Halloween props. They also provide a curated list of Halloween eBay and etsy shops.

10. Grim Hollow Haunt

Currently posting about a visit to a local cemetery, Spiderfest, a dancing skeleton puppet, and the new Nightmare on Elm Street soundtrack.

11. Orange and Black: The Spirit of Halloween

A Halloween lover shares their thoughts on Halloween movies, decorations, the disappointing Martha Stewart magazine this year, and shows off her creepy withered coneflower. This is a very active blogger, so you'll always have something new to check out in the autumn months ahead.

12. A Nostalgic Halloween

A scrapbooker/paper artist's blog on Halloween, decorating, and traditions. Check out her cool Marie Antoinette-themed Halloween banner.

13. Witch Hollow Primitives

A primitive artist's blog, showcasing her current works but also presenting articles such as this one on witchy brooms. She also shows off her latest Halloween finds, including these German glass glittered skulls. I expect this blog to have a lot more for you to read as October advances.

Which one of these blogs was your favorite to visit tonight?

-Carrie Carolin

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