August 31, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Fun Goth and Horror Toy Shops

1. Autopsy Babies

Really gory custom autopsy baby dolls for sale. There are also some cool T-shirts.

2. Little Apple Dolls

I love these! If I were going to start collecting goth dolls again, I think I would start here. So eerie! "Irae" is my favorite.

3. Panik's Toy Box

Lots of off-topic stuff sold here, but also Cinema of Fear figures, Alien vs. Predator, Movie Maniacs, and Nightmare Before Christmas.

4. Bleeding Edge Goths

12 inch fashion dolls, soft plush dolls, plus 7 inch action figures. They also sell BeGoths related books, T-shirts and accessories. I didn't used to like this line at all, I thought they were posers or exploiting the scene. But when I read more about the company that created these, and how carefully they researched everything, I feel more respect for them. Still, I prefer the original goth dolls, Living Dead Dolls for my own collection personally. But I have to admit I like the looks of Greta Vendetta.

Bleeding Edge Goths Group on Facebook


They sell fun toys based on Shaun of the Dead, Hellboy, Friday the 13th, Chucky, Terminator, and other horror movies. They also sell Living Dead dolls, zombie toys, Tonner dolls and NECA toys.

6. Dream of Doll

This Korean company makes beautifully ethereal collector dolls, many with elfin ears, most with unusually colored eyes and hair. I can't afford to collect them, so I just have to visit this website to drool from time to time.

7. Headless Historicals

"Because history is violent." These custom dolls are "reworked dolls that were inspired by people throughout history who died in rather horrible ways." Currently running a sale on "The Tudors" series.

8. Living Dead Dolls

For a while I was obsessed with collecting the minis. I thought I was going to make time in my life to craft little dollhouses and creepy miniatures for them. I've since set them aside, but I can't bear to sell or give away the cute little dollies.

Living Dead Dolls Fan Page, on Facebook

Living Dead Dolls, at Livejournal

Living Dead Dolls on MySpace

9. Monsters in Motion

A toys/collectibles shop selling sci-fi, fantasy and horror related products. They also sell some harder-to-find horror movie DVDs.

10. Sideshow Collectibles

Makers of fabulous busts, figures, toys and dolls. Their products are based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, monsters, horror, Aliens and Predators, Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, and comic books. Lots of fun things to see here and put on your wishlist for Satan. Er, I mean Santa.

11. Skelanimals

All sorts of branded and licensed items with creepily cute little critters. Am I correct in remembering that Target's Halloween line was based on them last year? The toys sold here are plush and vinyl.

12. TeddyScares

Malevolent, bloody little teddy bears. There's also a line of zombie toys called Tofu.

13. Uglyart

UglyShyla's famously cool fine art dolls. I've been watching this site for years - fabulous! There's also some jewelry and a couple interesting sculptures for sale.

--Carrie Carolin

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