August 9, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Best Goth and Horror Forums

From the old subcategory called dmessage.html "Dark, Gothic, Horror and Vampire Message Boards and Forums." This page used to consist mostly of Ezboard forums and Yahoo! groups, but I moved groups to their own community page, and Ezboard changed into Yuku or something weird like that a few years back.

I'm sort of glad I'm no longer presenting Dark Side of the Net as a links database, because so many of the links in this category are totally abandoned. Nobody is going onto forums anymore to talk about Charmed or X-Files (Buffy is faring slightly better though in the discussion board longevity arena).

I think mostly there won't be a lot of highly trafficked message boards in the near future, as discussions are all migrating to Twitter, Facebook, and Ning communities or things like that.

1. Antimony & Lace

I can't believe this goth fashion forum is still going strong after all these years. Very cool!


So glad this very active, important resource is still healthy and vibrant! Discuss dark art, dark poetry, dark photography, and dark stories.

3. Drink Deeply and Dream

One of the Net's oldest and most respected vampire forums, and it's still alive! er, should I have said, Undead?

4. Ghostdroppings

If I remember correctly, this used to be a paranormal discussion board, but it's now a busy, active Halloween celebration type forum.

5. Gorezone.Net

Excellent horror discussion board, with older/more mature and knowledgeable posters than you'd find on other horror boards.

6. Goth Auctions

Buyers and purveyors of goth merchandise gather to bitch about each other. Naw, just kidding. This is way more than that. A long-lasting resource not just devoted to the auctions on the site. You can tell that many friendships have been built here. forums

7. Goth.Net Forums

Where cool goths have been hanging out and shooting the breeze for the past 8 years.

8. Forums

Aimed at younger goths and teenagers. The main site is about to undergo a huge revamp, but I bet the forums will stay intact and enjoyable.

9. Haunting Echoes

Forums for goths, punks, and anime fans.

10. HorrorSpeak

Forums for horror DVDs, horror films, horror literature, and Asian horror. A lot of posters seem to be genuinely excited and eager to chat about the genre.

11. Gaslamp Bazaar

This probably should have been moved to the new Steampunk category I created, not left to die in the message forum subcategory. Anyway, it's a friendly, active discussion board for steampunk fans.

12. Heartland

Sisters of Mercy fans gather to discuss the band. A lot of goths post here, despite Andrew Eldritch's negative feelings about goth. Worthwhile forum to visit if you're a fan.

13. Gothic.Net

And of course, we can't leave out the fabulous Gothic.Net boards. Extremely active, with many posts per day per subforum, and lots of cool people to meet and discuss with here.

--Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

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