August 15, 2010

13 Coolest Gothic Lolita Etsy Shops

1. MelanieGails Garments

This shop sells adorable costumes and Lolita dresses.

I find this Gothic Skulls Alice in Wonderland costume quite cute. The shop offers blue-and-white, black-and-white, and pink-and-white dresses with cute things stitched onto the aprons. There are also some steampunk outfits, goth skull corsets, and some goth tutus.

2. Ichigo Black

Ichigo Black offers lace-encrusted frilly skirts, Nightmare Before Christmas aprons and dresses, and a couple corset tops.

But by far my favorite things here are the bloomers! I don't often see these in etsy or eBay shops, and I'm really impressed with how cute they look.

3. Sky Creation

Besides ruffly Lolita skirts, this store sells intriguing updates on traditional kimono dresses. There are also some pretty flowery jumpers and babydoll dresses.

I love this charming Queen of Hearts dress, but it would look crappy on me because of my fake reddish-burgundy hair color. So I'll just have to admire it in the picture.

4. Silversark

This designer finds the most unique fabrics to work with - love them!

She sells traditional Lolita teacake-themed skirts, and more unusual skirts like this I Love Tiffany skirt. There are also some maid cosplay type outfits.

5. em & Sprout

What unusual shoes these are! She'll make made-to-order Mary Jane shoes for you in her adorable gothic and lolita designs.

There are bat shoes, pink bunny shoes, monsters, zombies, kitties, and more. There are also cool and cute Tshirts - my favorite is the Poison Apple Fawn.

6. Priscilla Dawn

What I covet here the most is this elegant goth tea dress.

This designer makes handmade party wear in both lolita and goth styles. There are lots of bows and ruffles here. She also makes some lovely jewelry.

7. Loliposh

There are quite a few Alice in Wonderland dresses here, and a bat dress to appeal to goths.

This clothing has a more sophisticated style to it than a lot of other Lolita handmade clothing I've seen. The designer has a real eye for interesting shapes and combinations. Check out the careful work on this red and black Lolita dress.

8. Cheapfrillz

Their logo was too hideous to reproduce here, but I wanted to show you their amazing ruffled bloomers!

They also offer some pretty satin ruffled skirts and some tutus.

9. Swank Underpinnings

You can't just dress Lolita on the outside - you need pretty undergarments, too! Swank Underpinnings sells Lolita petticoats and crinolines. There are also some lovely white bridal accessories here, and I see a pretty red accent flower too.

10. New Orleans Umbrella Company

This shop doesn't cater just to lolitas or goths. There are also wedding umbrellas and fabulous party umbrellas. Lots of feathers and flourishes.

I'm getting a kick out of the foofie pink parasol.

11. Sweet Revenge Couture

Custom Lolita couture by a talented designer. There are polkadots, stripes, and flowers here, on skirts and bloomers.

I love the accents on this striped EGL dress: the bow, extra pleating on the skirt, and the black belt.

12. Lotali

I am very impressed by the gorgeous dresses here. And the coats!

I haven't really seen anything elsewhere like this velveteen chandelier dress.

This seller lives in China.

13. Petite Royale

This Lolita accessories shop sells bows for hair, jewelry, and headdresses. I hesitated to include it in the list because there are so few items here, but I decided they are pretty enough, I wanted you to see the ones that are here.

Note: This is my personal list of what I personally think are the 13 coolest Etsy shops. You might have a favorite store that I didn't list because it's not my favorite. Nobody asked me to list their shop, and there isn't an etsy affiliate program to pay me to list these stores. Just wanted to show you all some cool stuff today.

It would be great if I didn't see any "Waah, you didn't list MY shop!" in the comments. I gotta leave something cool for people to discover on their own, now don't I? :)

--Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net


  1. Hi there~

    I just happened to be surfing and found that you had featured my shop, Sweet Revenge Couture, on your blog. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks!

    <3 Esther

  2. I'd just like to let you know that I think ihyeasy may steal other Lolita store photos. A lot of Chinese stores do this and sometimes I even buy from them, you just need to know if what they produce is up to scratch with the stolen stock photo.

    For exaple, this listing they have on their store is actually a HMHM JSK called Ribbon in the Sky Embroidery Dress. I know because I was looking at a couple of days ago because it's gorgeous. :D Here's the link:

    Just wanted to let you and other people know you can buy the same items from trusted sellers instead.