August 1, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Goth Pages in Other Languages

The "Dark Pages in Other Languages" was the least-updated of all my pages. It was so frustrating trying to read pages to see if they were good quality, and trying to ascertain if they were frequently updated or not. I did ok with the French and Spanish pages, as I can passably read both, but got into trouble with Japanese, Portuguese and German pages!

Thus, I'm scrambling through over 200 outdated links in this category trying to figure out if it's worth resurrecting this particular subcategory in the future. I'm thinking that goths in other countries have their own search engines and link directories to find pages in the languages they speak and read, so there's not much need for me to link to them on my English goth directory.

1. Czech - Prague by Night

One of my very oldest links, if I remember correctly. A LARP group that seems to still be active and having fun doing their thing in 2010.

2. Dutch - Edica Darkwear

A goth cyber fetish shop based in the Netherlands. Good to know that our goth brothers and sisters in Holland can obtain cool stuff to wear!

3. Dutch - Kagan Kalender

An up-to-date events list, in Dutch, for European goth, industrial, and darkwave events and concerts.

4. French - Biohazard France

A French portal for all things Resident Evil.

5. French - Clark Ashton Smith

A French site honoring author and H.P. Lovecraft contemporary Clark Ashton Smith.

6. French - DevilDead

A rich, updated, active horror movie and horror DVD review site.

7. French - Freaks Graphique

A French artist, graphic designer, and photographer's gallery. Beautiful work here.

8. French - Vampirisme Blog

A vampire film and literature blog, in French. Updated as recently as today, as a matter of fact.

9. French - Edemonium

A really cool French online goth store and magazine.

10. French: L'Etrange Noel de Mr. Jack

A lovely French fansite for The Nightmare Before Christmas.

11. Finnish: Vampire Love

The only Finnish link I ever bothered to find, and it's now morphed into a Twilight site.

12. German: The Art of Dark

Man, this store has been around for YEARS. Awesome merchandise, and their staying power makes me confident you'd want to purchase from them.

13. Italian: Erba Della Strega

A very cool Italian goth/horror webzine. I'm very happy that it's still updated and relevant.

-Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

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