June 11, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Coolest Goth Clubs

1. Bar Sinister - Hollywood, California

This underground alternative night club is located in Hollywood. Their big nights appear to be Saturdays. July 4 features Voltaire; Project Pitchfork plays July 6. The club will celebrate its 12th anniversary on July 31st.


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2. Black Cat DC

This Washington, DC based club is especially cool because it's events are "all ages." They do prefer that attendees under age 18 have parental consent or a guardian present. It's open an amazing 7 days per week. Additionally, the club is wheelchair accessible.

While not strictly a goth club (it plays a wide range of alternative music styles), it frequently has goth events such as the one coming up on Friday July 2 - "CRYFEST: The Cure Vs. The Smiths Dance Party." Sounds fun!


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3. Cabaret Nocturne

I'd love to visit Australia someday soon, and when I do, I hope I can check out Cabaret Nocturne for myself.


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4. The Castle, in Ybor, Florida

I wish I'd gone to Convergence last year so I could have checked out this cool goth club. The Red Room bar upstairs looks like a really cool place to chat with friends, and the overall decor looks so awesome. There's a Dungeon available for private parties.

Club nights include 80's Mondays, Communion on Fridays (featuring Coffin Classics), No Boundaries on Saturdays, and Burn on Sundays.


The Castle, on MySpace

The Castle, on Twitter

5. Club Ascension

A goth night in San Diego, about to celebrate their fourth anniversary. My hometown is San Diego, but I haven't been able to check out this club myself yet. (Darn relatives keep me too busy whenever I go back!) It's every first Saturday of the month.

Club Ascension, on Facebook

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6. Club Noc Noc

A Seattle club popular with local goths. The actual goth night is Requiem on Wednesdays. I have to confess I don't go to goth clubs much anymore, so I've never been here, but it keeps getting recommended to me.


Club Noc Noc on MySpace

7. Club Sabbat

Another club in my hometown. This one I've been to on more than one occasion, and really enjoyed.


Club Sabbat, on Facebook

Club Sabbat, on MySpace

8. Club Walpurgis

This alternative music venue has been running in Tokyo, Japan since 1983. Incredible! Upcoming events are "Blood for Dracula" and several goth/darkwave DJ nights.


9. Corrosion

A goth night in New Orleans. I missed it last time I visited town as I flew in Thursday and the club night is Wednesdays.


Corrosion Nola on Facebook

Corrosion on Twitter

10. Death Guild

Long-running, extremely popular San Francisco goth club. It's held at the DNA Lounge.


Death Guild Facebook Group

Death Guild on MySpace

11. Dominion

A goth/industrial night that's been running in Dublin, Ireland for ten years. Fantastic!


Dominion on Facebook

12. The Slimelight

London's long running, most famous goth, darkwave, ebm and industrial music nightclub.


13. Xmortis

A goth club in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Last Friday they had an event that looked fun: Xmortis Pirates! Their DJs play goth, industrial, electro, synthpop and more.


Xmortis on Facebook

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I obviously can't list every cool goth club in the world in a post entitled "13 Coolest Goth Clubs." Every time I do a post like this, multiple people comment whining "Why didn't you list MY favorite club?" or take the opportunity to spam ads for their goth club in the comments section. Those will be deleted.

I'd love, instead, to hear from people who have been to the aforementioned clubs already. What do you think?

-Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net


  1. just spotted this and wish to send a big thank you from staff and regulars in dominion.

  2. this list is pretty great. I've been lucky enough to visit the black cat in DC and Xmortis in Cambridge which is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G..I really enjoyed both venues. Also worth mention in MA is Corrosion which is on Mondays and is really fun. And Churchills in Miami which is where I live has sick shows like the international noise conference that just passed and was like a sick dream. Loved it.