October 31, 2009

Halloween Music Videos on Youtube

What I'm listening to today while I work and get ready to go to a Halloween party:

"Every Day is Halloween" by Ministry. Believe it or not there are some 20 year olds in my house today who had never heard this song. They're rockin' out now, loving it.

Now I'll creep them out with the Halloween movie theme which they associate with a lot scarier movie than it is in reality.

Siouxsie and the Banshees performing Halloween in 1981. Now I have to watch Spellbound too!

Korn: Kidnap the Santa Claus - From the "Nightmare Revisited" album.

Haha, someone made a video for Rammstein's "Engel" using imagery from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Can't go through Halloween without listening to Dead Man's Party. Here's Boingo playing live at the Ritz in 1985. I'm checking out this video in particular, rather than their normal cool stop-motion animated video because Danny Elfman is such an amazing performer. His facial expressions are so interesting to watch.

Not sure how I got started on the tradition of listening to The Cure's "A Forest" every Halloween, but now it's not Halloween officially until I enjoy listening to this song..

NiN covered "Dead Souls" by Joy Division for the Crow soundtrack.

Not a Halloween song, but one of my all time favorite goth songs ever, Attrition's "A Girl Called Harmony." Beautiful!

This is not at all Halloween related, but I get a kick of watching this incredibly geeky girl uh.. handsynching? to Basshunter, while wearing spoonfingers. I had a momentary Edward Scissorhands flashback during this.

Happy Halloween!



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