September 24, 2009

September 24 Update

New links for Dark Side of the Net on September 24:

Dark Art:

Oh. My. God. I love this: The Art of Natalie Shau. She's an amazingly talented illustrator and photographer from Lithuania. I bet you'll find several things here you'll enjoy looking at. The artist also has a Myspace presence, Twitter stream, and a Livejournal.


What a shame this isn't being updated anymore! The Aethereal Adventures of Emma Verne" was an amazing steampunk webcomic. The blog hasn't been updated since 2008, but you can enjoy the back archives at least. I won't be linking to this on Darklinks since it's no longer updated, but I enjoyed looking at it today.

Gentleman's Emporium sells men's and ladies recreated 1800s style garments. There are also some lovely lacy parasols, felt hats, bathing costumes, and pocket watches. Not necessarily a "steampunk" store, but carries clothing you could adapt and utilize for your needs.

Ebay Shops:

While checking links, I came across this interesting one-of-a-kind goth Jesus art doll, on eBay. Freaky. A lot of work went into this, but I wonder if it will find a buyer at that price.

Goth Events:

The Amphi Festival 2010 will feature Funker Vogt, And One, Project Pitchfork, and Destroid. It takes place July 24-25, 2010 in Cologne, Germany. There's a Livejournal community, a MySpace page, and a Twitter page.

Speaking of events, I'm keeping my eye on this Zombie Christmas Ball that some people in Minneapolis, MN plan to host again this year.

Dark and Horror Blogs:

Frankensteinia is one of the best written and most interesting blogs I've come across in the genre, ever. Currently comparing C-3PO to the Monster; showcasing a Superman comic where Bizarro meets Frankenstein's monster; and sharing screencaps from Flash Gordon meeting Frankenstein. If you're interested in the topic, I'd make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed or stop by a couple times a week. There's also a Twitter page for the blog, a MySpace, and a Facebook Page.

Goth Clubs:

Black Widows Nightclub is a goth club in Melbourne, Australia. They play synthpop, industrial, darkwave and gothic rock.


Cadillacs & Cadavers is a deathrock, horrorpunk band from Canada. They sport gigantic, cool mohawks, so I would have thought they were a straight up punk band, huh.

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