June 12, 2013

New Dark Links for Early June


DarkMedia Online

This blog covers news from the darker side of the entertainment world, including music, art, and literature. There are TV recaps from dark shows, some pieces of fiction, interviews (including some paranormal interviews), and a paranormal section with a travel guide. Currently they're reviewing "The Purge"; writing about "Joyland" by Stephen King; and reviewing a book based on "Supernatural." This is a nice slick production with up-to-date news, worth visiting.


Makeup Zombie

"Where makeup meets Braaains!" This blogger, Wendi, is a mother of three who is interested in zombies and passionate about cosmetics. Check out her reviews of Geek Chic Cosmetics' " Space Prostitute" and her popular review on Evil Shades Cosmetics. I also enjoyed a recent guest post on evil queen red eye makeup.


The Skull Appreciation Society

This blog shares near daily posts of interesting skull-related finds. It's similar to the popular Skull-a-Day, but with more sophisticated finds and nicer, cleaner site design and better photos.


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Darkside Downunder

Speculative fiction writers from Australia join forces to blog about dark urban fantasy, paranormal, romantic and futuristic literature with a dark twist. Currently blogging about "Hammer Horror and the lure of the dark side."


The Gothic Society

The blog from a gothic antiquarian bookstore in England. The posts are interesting finds: links to gothic fiction reviews, scholarly articles, reviews of gothic films such as Byzantium, and Catching the Thieves of First Editions. While everything here is curated links, they're especially well chosen.



Horror Boom

This blogger, "Mrs. Horror Boom" grew up during the horror film boom of the 1980s. Currently she's blogging about Travis Louie curating a zombie exhibit; reviewing "The Purge,"; and expressing disappointment that Human Centipede 3 is about to begin filming.


Horror Shock Lolipop

This blog was started by Lilia Tombs in 2009. It now has three contributors, who review horror films, present interviews with horror industry folks, and run contests. There are also some Youtube videos associated with this blog as well. The blog's title is misspelled intentionally, to reflect an interest in Gothic Lolita.


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Monster Crap

Seth's blog about monster movies and B-movie horror films. There are also some podcasts posted here as well.


Quirks and Splatters

"The humble beginnings of a horror film academic wannabe." Currently presenting a podcast for Women in Horror Month back in May; posting about the lack of women in "Masters of Horror," and reviewing V/H/S 2.


Satanic Pandemonium

A horror/exploitation film blog based in Philadelphia. Currently they're writing about "The Ghost of Frankenstein," "Son of Frankenstein," and about Boris Karloff.


The Whorer

"A punk-fem-queer approach to horror films." There are currently 33 absorbing podcasts here, covering topics such as "Impostor syndrome;" "Gender, Genre and Excess;" "The Shining" conspiracy theories; and "Sexism and Misogyny" from a horror film perspective. The episodes seem well thought out and planned in advance. They're sprinkled with horror film reviews, including a lot of obscure or lesser known films. Really refreshing to see an intellectual horror genre website and one presenting from a different perspective, too.


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Bricks of the Dead

This is a hilarious webcomic using Lego to portray zombies and act out their little horrific tales. So far there are an amazing number of episodes: 349! That's a lot of work and dedication. The site also features a forum, blog, and some zombie fiction.


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Kris Straub's thrice-weekly webcomic about "the town of a thousand holidays." Lovecraftian-inspired. Not super dark, but if you like webcomics, you'll probably enjoy browsing around here.


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Vampire Cheerleaders

A very manga style webcomic, published in black and white and intended to be read right to left. Of course, you should have your sense of humor at hand when browsing this tongue-in-cheek webcomic.



Steam Ingenious

"Steampunk creations, thoughts, tutorials and tips." This is written by an admirably busy and active blogger, Violet von Mickelsburg. Currently they're sharing some quick steampunk home decor projects; sharing some intriguing Friday Finds; and a very helpful post on "How to Be a Steampunk Vendor."


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