August 22, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Terrific True Blood Sites

With the show so relatively new, the True Blood TV links was Dark Side of the Net's newest subcategory. It was intriguing, and challenging, to build the links database for this as so many eager fan sites blossomed bloodily across the web.

1. BloodCopy

The official show's site now provides retweets regarding the show, True Blood desktop and Twitter backgrounds, and episode guides. Official t-shirts are available in the merchandising area, with hilarious offerings like the brand new "RIP Talbot" shirt. The original promotional Bloodcopy site is still archived here too for your perusal.

2. The Vault

A massive resource for True Blood fandom. There's a nice photo gallery here, plus episode reviews, newsy blog posts, and exclusive interviews.

3. Truebloodnet

Another massive megasite, with news, editorials, commentary, fan art, interviews, spoilers, forums, chat, and a community. Great site!

4. True-Blood.Net

Huge fan site with exactly what you can expect from sites like this: news, blog posts, interviews, episode guides, photos, videos, and spoilers.

5. TrueBloodSource on Twitter

6. TrueBlood News

"True Blood's Nest" offers breaking news, giveaways, and info on what else the show's actors are working on besides True Blood.

7. TrueBlood Guide

Mostly interviews, episode guides, and show clips.

8. True Blood TV

A busy LJ community with thousands of members. I like that there are actually discussions and news clips here, not just icons or screencapping like so many other communities.

9. Loving True Blood in Dallas

One of the first extremely active, very important True Blood fan resources to hit the net. There is always a lot going on here, due to the very passionate webmaster. Be sure to check out "Talk Blood Radio." There's also an LJ community supporting the site.

10. The True Blood Wiki

HBO's resource site, with forums, photos, videos, chat, and a fan area called Truebies. Also check out the HBO Twitter feed.

11. Eric Northman.Net

A fan site for the Viking vampire, featuring fan fiction, pictures of Alexander Skarsgard, episode reviews, and lots of drooling.

12. True Blood Fic

A busy, active LJ community for True Blood fan fiction. I like that there are posts by multiple authors, not just the community moderator.

13. Sookie Stackhouse

A fan site for all things Sookie, including both the books and the TV show. Lots going on here - news, fan artwork, podcasts, videos, and some spoilers.

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