August 24, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Horror Actors, Actresses and Hosts

1. Stephanie Beaton

This scream queen has also worked as a director and writer of horror films.

Stephanie Beaton on IMDB

Stephanie Beaton on MySpace

2. Lon Chaney

The original "Phantom of the Opera."

Lon Chaney Facebook Fan Page

Lon Chaney at IMDB

3. Jeffrey Combs

You probably remember him in "Re-Animator" and "From Beyond."

Jeffrey Combs at IMDB

4. Elvira

I don't really need to introduce you to the Mistress of the Dark, now do I?

Elvira on Facebook

Elvira (Character) on IMDB

5. Robert Englund

I know you guys all think of him as Freddy, but he'll always be "Willie" from V to me!

Robert Englund at IMDB

Robert Englund on Twitter

6. Ghoulardi

The fictional character created for a 1960s Ohio TV show, Shock Theater.

Ghoulardi: Lessons in Mayhem

7. Lance Henriksen

One of my favorite actors, ever since I loved him as Bishop in "Aliens." Soon we can see him in "The Witches of OZ 3D."

Lance Henriksen, at IMDB

Lance Henriksen Fan Page, on Facebook

8. Valerie Hobson

The "Bride of Frankenstein."

Valerie Hobson at IMDB

Valerie Hobson at NNDB

Valerie Hobson at Wikipedia

Valerie Hobson at British Pictures

9. Boris Karloff

Probably the horror actor most people outside the genre are familiar with.

Boris Karloff Fan Page on Facebook

Boris Karloff at Wikipedia

10. Ladies of the Evil Dead

Linda, Cheryl and Shelly drop news about their upcoming appearances and gossip about their roles in the Evil Dead films.

11. Christopher Lee

Starred as Count Dracula in many Hammer Horror films.

Christopher Lee, at IMDB

Christopher Lee Facebook Fan Page

Christopher Lee at Wikipedia

12. Bela Lugosi

Undead, undead, undead.

Bela Lugosi Facebook Fan Page

Bela Lugosi Fans on MySpace

Bela Lugosi at IMDB

Bela Lugosi at Wikipedia

13. Vincent Price

I don't know which made me sadder: the news of Vincent Price's passing or that of Edward Gorey. Both lived long lives, but I wanted more of them.

Vincent Price at IMDB

Vincent Price Facebook Fan Page

Vincent Price at Wikipedia

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