February 28, 2010

Dark Side of the Net's Newest Goth Links


Oscar Shorts:

"The Lady and the Reaper" (La Dama y el Muerte) is a Spanish short film (eight minutes), nominated this year for an Academy Award. The animation and visual style reminds me a bit of a cross between "Up" and "The Corpse Bride."


My personal pick is Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty." (Check out "Storytime" on the website under "Granny's Stuff." Hilarious!)

Prefer to view the short on Youtube? Also, don't miss Granny O'Grimm's Christmas greeting.

Granny O'Grimm has a Twitter and Facebook.

If you're interested in all the shorts, there's a Twitter stream dedicated to news and reviews on the short film nominees.

Which of these two is your favorite? Or do you prefer one of the other nominated shorts?

Alice Blogs:

This is the best fan blog I've found so far covering Tim Burton's Alice: http://alice2010.blogspot.com/. I check it every couple of days.

The Alice in Wonderland Merchandise blog isn't an affiliate blog like I'd expected. There's some worthwhile news and info here too.


This is not the uberspookiest dark art ever, but I wanted to show you a couple things from Helen Musselwhite. She's an artist who creates intricate paper sculptures.

"Twilight Cottage" sits under a glass dome.

Above is "In the Hedgerow."

What do you think of her work and her style?


Kathleen Lolley:

Take a peek at Kathleen Lolley's work. Somber, not creepy. Slightly dark, a bit whimsical, in places mournful.



This blogger is building a miniature dollhouse based on The Addams Family! Watch her progress here, room by room.



Dante's Inferno Application on Facebook

Dante's Inferno (Official)

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  1. I like the papercraft art. It's a good blending of more indie aesthetics with a darker tone. The same could be said for Kathleen Lolley's paintings. I don't think it's always necessary to wear one's gloom on one's sleeve; subtlety can be so much more striking.

    And the Addams Family Dollhouse is simply mah-vellous.